5 Best Medical Colleges in Bolivia [2023 Ranking]

Care to know the best medical colleges in Bolivia? The medical profession is far from something that everyone wants to pursue.

But even if there are few people who want to be a doctor, the journey to achieve that dream is an arduous one, because the options for getting into a medical school are very difficult.

For you to have an idea of ​​how difficult this is, the ways to enter a medical school usually end up being: having an extraordinary dedication to study to compete for a very competitive vacancy in a public university, paying a real fortune per month in a tuition at a private medical school or trying to win rare scholarships from private colleges.

5 Best Medical Colleges in Bolivia [Ranking]

Why study medicine in Bolivia?

A large number of students choose to study medicine in Bolivia due to the abundance of places available and the low cost of tuition fees there.

In addition, public universities in Bolivia do not require candidates to take entrance exams.

Private higher education institutions, on the other hand, can choose whether or not to administer the tests, and typically do not.

Medical students in Bolivia also face fewer bureaucratic obstacles than their counterparts in other nations.

The Federal Constitution of Bolivia recognizes more than 30 indigenous dialects, in addition to Castilian, as official languages ​​due to the country’s large indigenous population.

Best Medical Colleges in Bolivia: Discover the best Universities

1. Christian University of Bolivia (UCEBOL)

UCEBOL is a Catholic and private university in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. It is currently rated as the best medical college in Bolivia.

It is the only institution with MERCUSUR accreditation in the medical field, which is the university’s most sought-after course.

This institution is guided by several principles and aims to provide high quality academic, scientific and technological education.

2. Ecologica National University (UNE)

UNE is a university focused on health and the environment and Santa Cruz de la Sierra is the seat of this institution.

This is a private institution that welcomes many foreigners. It may not have a long history, but it is a good institution with numerous courses.

3. Aquinas University (UDABOL)

UDABOL was founded in 1995, with its first headquarters in La Paz, as well as a campus in Oruro and a third campus in Santa Cruz de La Sierra, which opened in 2003.

A university with complete infrastructure and a variety of courses.

It has numerous campus locations and is one of the best structured.

To be the most important person in Santa Cruz.

As you can see, the three medical institutions are all located in Santa Cruz de La Sierra, the most developed and populous city in Bolivia.

A medical course lasting approximately five years is available at the three schools listed above.

4. Higher University of San Simón (UMSS)

One of the oldest public universities in Bolivia, Higher University of San Simón is ranked as one of the best medical colleges in Bolivia.

This public higher education institution is among the best universities in Bolivia due to its strong educational standards.

The city of Cochabamba is home to the headquarters of this university.

To enter the UMSS Faculty of Medicine, students must complete a three-month preparatory course.

Especially countries like Chile, Peru, Brazil and Argentina have students in the most diverse faculties of the Universidad Mayor de San Simón.

5. Universidad del Valle (Univalle)

Univalle has campuses in Cochabamba and La Paz, among other cities. Medicine is a course offered at both.

In addition, Univalle is one of the largest private medical education institutions in Bolivia, thanks to its excellent structure.

Despite the reputation of being the most expensive, many Brazilians prefer it because it is the only one in Cochabamba with its own hospitals.

Other faculties have agreements with private hospitals, which limits the number of practical classes available.

In addition, Univalle has a department dedicated to assisting international students in their transition.

This institution also offers advice on student accommodation, airport or land terminal reception, and temporary hotel accommodation.

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