City to City Bus Tickets, Bookings, Terminals & Fare

In case you are on the lookout for City to City bus tickets prices and how to book online or via terminal we have written a comprehensive booking guide of City to City Transport company.

With the latest technology being rolled out all around the world the South African transport company has leveraged technology to give the best transportation service with comfort and security as the main aim.

Road transportation is one of the major sources of transportation in Africa and South Africa isn’t an exception but to offer the best transport experience for those traveling to and fro (one city to the other) we now have a lot of transport companies that stand out among the rest offering the best road transport experience at an affordable price.

You may have various questions concerning City to City Bus like;

  • Who is the owner of City to City Bus transport company?
  • Does City to City offer delivery services?
  • Can you hire a City to City bus?
  • Does City to City Bus offer courier services?
  • How much is City to City bus fare?
City to City Bus Tickets, Bookings, Terminals & Fare Prices

Today’s article is focused on City to City Bus, you will learn about the company, City to City bus ticket prices (fares), schedules, where to book City to City tickets, the company contact details and many more.

About City to City Bus Company

City to City Bus is one of the leading transport companies in South Africa today, this transport company covers over 50 routes/destinations in South Africa and even all the way to Mozambique conveying passengers from one terminal to the other smoothly.

With City to City Bus transport company, there is no need to worry about the safety of your life and your luggage as this is a secured transport company that has put everything in place to ensure there is security of life and property of their passengers.

Aside from security City to City Bus is also very cheap compared to other transport companies. Also, City to City Bus is more comfortable as their buses have ergonomic chairs well fitted for you to enjoy your trip.

Are you wondering about long or short distances? City to City has numerous buses which ply various routes from one place to the other be it long distance or short distance.

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City to City buses are mostly single coaches and in their buses, you have your safety belts, armrests, toilets, reading lights and even ports for charging your mobile devices or power banks.

Below is the updated list of routes plied by City to City:

  • Bloemfontein to Cape Town
  • Bloemfontein to Johannesburg
  • East London to Johannesburg
  • King Williams Town to Johannesburg
  • King Williams Town to Cape Town
  • Kimberley to Johannesburg
  • Klerksdorp to Pretoria
  • Cape Town to Bloemfontein
  • Cape Town to Beaufort West
  • Cape Town to Port Elizabeth
  • Cape Town to King Williams Town
  • Cape Town to Port Shepstone
  • Centurion to Durban
  • Centurion to Johannesburg
  • Centurion to Bloemfontein
  • Mthatha to Pietermaritzburg
  • Durban to Centurion
  • Johannesburg to King Williams Town
  • Johannesburg to Centurion
  • Johannesburg to East London
  • Johannesburg to Bloemfontein
  • Johannesburg to Polokwane
  • Johannesburg to Nelspruit
  • Johannesburg to Pietermaritzburg
  • Johannesburg to Kimberley
  • Johannesburg to Qumbu
  • Paarl to George
  • Pietermaritzburg to Johannesburg
  • Polokwane to Johannesburg
  • Nelspruit to Johannesburg
  • Port Elizabeth to Cape Town
  • Hazyview to Johannesburg
  • Peddie to Cape Town
  • Pretoria to Germiston
  • Grahamstown to Durban

How To Book City to City Bus Tickets (Booking Tips)

If you have finally decided to enjoy a trip with City to City then you definitely have a question you need an answer to – how do you buy a City to City bus ticket? The answer to your question is below, just follow our tips and voila! you’ve booked a ticket.

City to City Online Bookings

This is the first method and the most preferred booking method for most people, especially the younger ones that love things to be done in a jiffy. City to City Bus transport company leveraged on technology which birthed its official website via and once you use their official website you get a 5% discount on all your trips.

Travel Agencies

You can also book a ticket from various travel agencies of which City to City bus is in partnership and they have over 5 travel agencies that offer the service in South Africa. The likes of Busbud and other reputable companies.

City to City Bus Contacts

In case you do not have an internet connection to book online you can easily book via a phone call, their official phone number is 0861589282, a call through the number will connect you with a call center agent who will help you book your ticket.

City to City Bus Tickets Prices (Fares & Schedules)

We have listed some major cities plied by City to City bus companies:

  • From Cape Town to Durban is mostly around R 500.00 to R 710.00 per person and the trip takes 22hours.
  • City to City from Cape Town to Mthatha costs R 440 to R 540 per person.
  • City to City Bus from Bloemfontein to Pretoria cost around R 170 to R 530 per person.

You can as well visit the official website of City to City Bus to confirm the price of the trip before going ahead to pay and embark on your journey.

City to City Bus Stations (Terminals)

Through Travel Agencies

  1. Eastern Cape, East London Station
    Contact: 043-700-1015
  2. Eastern Cape, East London Windmill
    Contact: 043-743-7893
  3. King Williams Town
    Contact: 043-643-4163
  4. Queenstown
    Contact: 045-808-2008
  5. George
    Contact: 044-801-8282
  6. Polokwane
    Contact: 015-299-6298
  7. Pietermaritzburg
    Contact: 033-345-0165
  8. Gauteng, Johannesburg
    Contact: 011-773-7893
  9. Mthatha
    Contact: 047-531-0875
  10. Port Elizabeth
    Contact: 041-392-1303
  11. Free State, Bloemfontein
    Contact: 051-408-4888
  12. Pretoria
    Contact: 012-748-7552
  13. KwaZulu-Natal, Durban
    Contact: 031-361-7670
  14. Knysna
    Contact: 044-382-1407
  15. Limpopo, Mokopane
    Contact: 015-491-8457
  16. Nelspruit
    Contact: 013-755-1453
  17. Cape Town
    Contact: 021-449-6209

Bus Stations

1. Johannesburg Bus Station
Address: Park City Transit Centre, Johannesburg Station.

2. Pretoria Bus Station
Scheiding St, Pretoria, 2001, South Africa, Pretoria Station.

Contact Details of City to City Bus

Do you have a complaint or a recommendation you want the City to City Bus company to know about then you should use the contact details below:

Phone Number: 011-774-8304
Official Website:
E-mail Address: [email protected]
Office Address: ADT House, Ring Rd, Port Elizabeth, 6059, South Africa.


City to City bus fares is one of the cheapest transport companies in South Africa and their services are quite smooth and comfortable when compared to other South African transport firms.

Remember your safety is of utmost priority and you will always get amazing discounts, check out other transport companies in South Africa from our archive like Eldo Coaches, Translux, APM buses and many other leading transport companies in South Africa.

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Kindly make use of the comment box below to ask any question bothering your mind about City to City Bus Transport company and also the current price updates.

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