Meet Eve Schiff [Adam Schiff Wife]: Biography, Net Worth, Age & Facts

Who is Eve Schiff? Eve Schiff is Adam Schiff wife and in this post, you will know more about Eve Schiff biography, her net worth, age, career, family and other facts about her.

Fame can happen to someone in various ways, this is the story of Adam Bennett Schiff wife as she became famous due to the fact that she is married to a top politician in America.

Being the wife of a celebrity doesn’t really get to Eve Schiff as she is the type that doesn’t display her lifestyle on social media, you hardly find information about Eve Schiff and this has got many people asking questions about the wife of the famous congressman.

Eve Schiff Biography

Based on popular demand, we at AllroundGist have taken our time to research more on Eve Schiff biography, Eve Schiff age, Eve Schiff net worth, her career, family, lifestyle and many more but before we dive deep into that let us quickly give you brief profile information of Eve Schiff wiki.

Eve Schiff Profile

Name:Eve Schiff
Date of Birth:12th of December 1962
Place of Birth:Burbank, California
Age:60 Years Old
Spouse:Adam Schiff
Children:Lexi Schiff & Elijah Schiff
Occupation:Table tennis player, Social worker
Net Worth:$100,000 – $300,000

You certainly must be asking to know more about Eve Schiff as the information in the table is not enough to tell you who Eve Schiff really is this is why we have decided to give more extensive information about Adam Schiff wife.

Eve Schiff Biography

Eve Schiff was born on the 12th of December 1962 into the family of Mario Sanderson in Burbank, California in the United States of America.

She is a professional table tennis player who has played at different levels, Eve Schiff had a normal kid-adult lifestyle together with her parents and siblings who were not made known on the internet as we said earlier she is off social media.

One thing we know of is that her mother goes by the name Mario Sanderson who happens to be an artist and she is now late, died in the 2000s.

Eve Schiff is also the wife of the American famous congressman Adam Bennett Schiff, continue to know more about Eve Schiff.

Eve Schiff Education

Just like every other kid Eve Schiff had her basic education also known as elementary education then she furthered her schooling by attending Torrey Pines High School. After high school, she got an admission to study Sociology and Literature at the prestigious University of California where she bagged her Degree.

While in school Eve Schiff was able to make friends, meet new people and also participated in various sporting activities which made her become a professional table tennis player.

Eve Schiff Career

Just as we have mentioned earlier, Eve Schiff is a professional tennis player and also a social worker as she studied sociology and literature at the University. She has always been active in sports even at her tender age while she was a kid.

Having basic training helped her through her sports career as she was able to learn faster and get better at what she knows how to do best.

Aside from being a tennis player, she does this often to keep herself fit and this is one thing her husband Adam Schiff has always been happy and supportive about.

Eve Schiff Family & Relationship

Many people who know Eve Schiff has been asking who is Eve Schiff husband? who is Eve Schiff dating? and various other relationship-related questions, the thing is her life is so personal and off the media so people hardly know who she is really married to.

Eve Schiff is the wife of Adam Schiff the famous congressman, the couple dated for over 5 years before getting married in 1995, the interesting thing is that they met at the tennis court in Maria Del Rey through a friend.

Eve Schiff Family Picture
Eve Schiff Family Picture

Their marriage is blessed with two kids who are now grown-ups, a son and a daughter (Alexa Maria and Elijah Harris).

Eve Schiff is a family woman and very devoted to taking care of her husband and children, she was also able to combine her family with her job without anyone affecting the other.

Eve Schiff Net Worth

Eve Schiff net worth is currently estimated to be between $100,000 and $300,000. There is no particular worth attributed to her but it is known that she is an ex-table tennis player and a social worker.

We have reached the concluding part of Eve Schiff biography and net worth and we hope we have been able to give you the relevant information needed about her if you enjoyed reading this and you want to make a contribution kindly use the comment box below this article.

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