What Are The Countries With The Highest IQ In 2022?

Do you want to know the top countries with the highest IQ? If we wanted to separate the world by the intelligence level of its inhabitants, could we do it? The reality is that achieving an exact division with this method is not possible, but we can highlight the countries that are considered to have the highest IQ.

To get into context, what is IQ? it is important to know that the intelligence quotient (IQ) is a number or level that estimates the general intelligence of an individual or person. It is the result of the standard tests that exist to measure it.

What Are The Countries With The Highest IQ

Since the late 1970s, IQ has been stagnant and has even dropped generation after generation, according to a study in the journal PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America). 

The explanation given by scientists is that this is due to national factors, such as the economy, politics, social agents and even geographical and environmental causes.

Even so, they also indicate that it is due to the marked digital age that is being experienced in today’s society, to the change in the educational system, and even to the nutrition and habits of people.

How To Calculate Your IQ

Each person has a different level of intelligence, which can be easily calculated. This determines the capacities that they have in various subjects, studies, and in which areas they can stand out the most.

Perhaps many times you have thought that there are things that you can do better than others, that happens to all of us, and that is why you should exploit what you are best at doing. For example, when choosing study subjects, you can opt for the arts, sciences, philology… and enhance that.

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To know what level of IQ you have, there are many tools, tests and videos, but first of all you will see the range of scores that determine the level. This is very useful so that later, when you carry out the relevant tests, you know how to interpret the result obtained.

What Are The Intelligence Levels?

IQ is measured by different levels of intelligence in a scale of figures that start from less than 70 to more than 140. Depending on the number you get, your IQ will determine the following :

  • People with an IQ below 70 often need special help with certain factors.
  • If the IQ is between 90 and 110, it is an average intelligence that most people have.
  • But if a person’s IQ reaches 140, they are rated as a genius. This IQ defines gifted people.

Countries With The Highest IQ In The World

Next, you will know the ranking of the 10 countries with the highest IQ on average on the planet. This can create some controversy as the countries involved vary greatly from each other or can be unexpected due to all the above-named agents.

We leave you the list so you can evaluate it for yourself.

1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong takes the top 1 on the list with an IQ of 108. This is due to its administrative autonomy and its economic model, totally different from that of China. To this is added its very good educational system (in this ranking it is located after Finland), which makes this country a cultural attraction for the whole world.

2. Singapore

Along with Hong Kong, it also ranks first with an IQ of 108. This country is technological and works with large companies and international finance, also dealing with fields of complicated mathematics and sciences.

3. South Korea

Second, South Korea has had a tremendous boom due to its culture, its history and, above all, its economy. Innovation, research and constant development are the main agents of this society. They are thus in second place with an IQ of 106, addressing topics such as technology and education.

4. Japan

Presenting an educational and philosophical quality of life, they are a demanding and controversial economic powerhouse. Its inhabitants usually live under stress and with great cultural and social pressure in any aspect, but perhaps it is this high pressure that makes them rank number 3 with an IQ of 105.

5. China

Also in third place in the international ranking we have China, one of the largest countries in Asia and the most populous. Today, it is a great economic power that constantly negotiates and competes with the United States. He thus presents an IQ of 105.

6. Taiwan

Technological advances today are the daily bread in the country of Taiwan, so it is not surprising that they have an IQ of 104 and are in fourth place. At the same time, they present a constant evolution in their educational system in the public sector. They are great partners of the United States and their population is bilingual, so most of the young people apply for professional careers.

7. Italy

With a striking and attractive history, Italy has been the cradle of thought, literature, philosophy and science for hundreds of years. A country so culturally and historically rich that it offers an artistic and, at the same time, innovative and traditional perspective. He is crowned with an IQ of 102, thus placing himself in fifth place.

8. Iceland

This European country, considered an academic dream country, is presented with a coefficient of 101. It is in sixth place, along with Mongolia and Switzerland, and is one of the countries with the greatest educational and academic tradition.

9. Mongolia

Also with an IQ of 101, Mongolia ranks as one of the smartest countries in the world, despite not featuring a rich economy. On a cultural level, it is considered a jewel of the world both in society and in history and gastronomy.

10. Switzerland

The list of countries with the highest IQ won’t be complete without Switzerland being mentioned, it has one of the best economies in Europe and also ranks in the top 10 with an IQ of 101. It has probably achieved this through agents such as innovation, quality of life, public services and sustainability. They present themselves to the world as an intelligent society that knows how to take advantage of all its resources.

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Looking at these data of countries with the highest IQ in the world, it can be inferred, as indicated at the beginning of this article, that economic and social agents are the main assets for the IQ of each country.

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