Top 5 Best Football Academies In Nigeria 2024

Are you a talented football player in Nigeria and you aspire to play on the intentional level? are you thinking of enrolling in a football academy and you are wondering about The Best Football Academies In Nigeria? then continue reading, you will get more from this article.

The love Nigerians have for football can never be overemphasized. As there is a professional football league in Europe, so there’s Nigeria’s league.

Most European teams have great academies that metamorphose into stars in the long run. Among the proven club with the best academies are Ajax, Chelsea, Monaco, Dortmund, and the likes.

Top 5 Best Football Academies In Nigeria

But it is quite unfortunate that Nigeria (and Africa at large) lack quality football academies nevertheless, this article will pick out the best football academies that are doing well in Nigeria.

Although these selected five can nowhere stand beside the European teams’ academies but nonetheless, with their players doing so fine, they stand the chance to become tomorrow’s stars in Nigeria.

Top 5 Best Football Academies in Nigeria are:

1. Pepsi Football Academy

One of the football academies in Nigeria that you’ll like to watch over and over is the Pepsi Football Academy (PFA). This academy is owned by the highly sought beverage; Pepsi.

Pepsi Football Academy top is well known among its peers and it’s the best football academy in the whole of Nigeria.

Over the years, the football academy had produced many skilled and talented youngsters that rose the premium of an international professional footballer. Among the PFA products are Mikel Obi, Elderson Echiejile, and others.

The academy has its Stadium in Lagos plus 14 other centers and over 3000 youngsters across Nigeria. The academy’s official website is

2. Kwara State Football Academy

Second, on the list is the Kwara State Football Academy. The Kwara academy was established in 2005; being a property of the Kwara State Government.

The Kwara Academy (as popularly known) was initiated by Bukola Saraki, the former Senate President (of the 8th National Assembly).

The academy was firstly monitored under the leadership of the former Super Eagle technical director, Clemence Westerhof. Now, being managed by Paul Ashworth, a technical director from Sweden.

Ashworth had previously managed European teams like FC Peterborough and Dynamo Kyiv. Currently, KWFA has over150 young talented footballers.

3. Abuja Football College

The Abuja Football College came into existence in January 2012. It was established by Gabriel Newton, a FIFA Licensed instructor in conjunction with Haruna Abba.

The AFC had won many competitions ever since it came into the limelight. 5he popular among them was the under 20 competition where the academy beat the giant the likes of Pepsi Academy and Kwara Academy to claim the trophy.

What’s more, the Abuja Football Academy played in the Croatia soccer tourney in 2013, where the youngsters defeated Professional clubs like Croatia’s national team (under 21) and FC Zagreb.

4. Midas Soccer Academy

Another interesting football academy to watch in Nigeria is the Midas Soccer Academy (MSA). It was established in 2006 and it’s affiliated with the Nigeria Football Federation.

The football academy’s official website is:

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5. Papilo Football Academy

As the name implies, the football academy is owned by one of the greatest footballers in Nigeria, Nwankwo Kanu who for Arsenal, Ajax, Inter Milan, and Portsmouth in his prime with a lot of medals in his gallery.

Papilo Football Academy was established in 2001. The academy had successfully transferred 10 youngsters abroad to further their footballing careers. Among them is Joel Obi who’s playing for Inter Milan, Stanley Okoro journeying in Battista, etc.

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