How to Start Shawarma Business [2024 Step-by-Step]

Enterprising, shawarma is a classic of international gastronomy, which consists of an Arabic bread or pita filled with roasted meat and vegetables. However, its presence around the world has brought variations with beef and chicken and yogurt-based dressings. Therefore, today we share some recommendations to start this business.

Business plan

This is the first step to starting your business. The plan will help you define what products you are going to offer, what target audience, how you will differentiate yourself from the competition, location, budget, financing, Marketing, what personnel you need, furniture, among the most important things.

How to Start Shawarma Business [Step-by-Step]

Business formalization

You must follow the following steps:

  • Create the company as a Natural Person or Legal Entity.
  • Register with the required institution in your country and apply for a Tax Regime.
  • Put your workers on the payroll.
  • Obtain the required Operating License.
  • Register the trademark.
  • Obtain a health card. This requirement is necessary when it comes to a company that handles and sells food, as is the case.


If you like shawarma, you should know many restaurants of this type, especially those located in the same area. Analyze every detail of these, from their products, location, prices, in addition, observe their customers, preferences, etc. In this way, you will be able to differentiate yourself from the rest of the restaurants already on the market.


There is a wide variety of Shawarmas. For example, Shawarma made of chicken, pork, lamb, turkey, and more. As additional items you can offer ham, cheese, chorizo, bacon, jerky, fried egg, BBQ sauce, native potatoes, water, soda and juices.


To achieve clear differentiation from the competition, it is vital that you manage to generate added value to the service you are offering. For example, you can deliver the products, which will be a plus for anyone who cannot consume them locally.


It is important to choose a correct location since the price and products you are going to sell will depend on this. Your premises must be located close to commercial places, offices or universities.


  • Shawarmas are not prepared in a traditional kitchen, certain machinery is needed, which is easy to use and install.
  • Get a meat skewer grill, essential for it to turn, be in contact with the heat and cook properly.
  • An electric knife will allow you to cut the meat while it rotates.
  • The electric griddle or grill is necessary to prepare and heat the bread, both the rotating meat and the wheat tortilla.
  • Purchase refrigerators for drinks, a fryer for potatoes and a refrigerated counter to have vegetables already prepared to serve.


This type of business succeeds if the quality is good. This is achieved thanks to the good choice of suppliers that have quality raw materials, in which we can trust. For this reason, it is important to contact suppliers who offer you meats of different types and prepared with the maximum quality guarantees.

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Look for some ideas on decoration, table organization and how these businesses work. You can turn to the Internet, visit other shawarma businesses and look for experts on the subject.

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