Nigerian Immigration Salary Structure 2022 [Rank Based]

Do you need to know the salary scale of NIS? In this post, we will reveal to you the current Nigerian Immigration Salary Structure together with the list of NIS ranks and the highest level one can get based on your education and performance.

Most Nigerians especially the prospective immigration recruits are always asking to know the latest Nigeria Immigration Salary Structure, if you are a job seeker looking out to know how much NIS staff are paid we will give you an insight on that but before that let us tell you some brief information about the Nigeria Immigration Service.

About Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS)

The Nigeria Immigration Service was coined out from the Nigeria Police Force and was named the Immigration Department and became an independent government organization.

In 1963 the Nigeria Immigration Service was established by the Act of Parliament and the head of department was renamed from Chief Federal Immigration Officer (CFIO) to Director of Immigration and was placed under the control of the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The Nigeria Immigration Service was mainly established to oversee all the activities in all Nigerian borders and also responsible for the security of migration management in Nigeria.

Nigerian Immigration Salary Structure [Rank Based]

In 1992 there was a need to change the head of Immigration Department to Comptroller General of Immigration Service after the body was restructured and made to be a para-military body.

Over the years we have seen the effectiveness of this government organization as the has been an applaudable performance in securing the borders of Nigeria and also working to make sure contraband products are not being brought into the country through all possible ways like the land, sea and by flight.

They are also responsible for the issuance of travel documents and with yearly upgrades in technology and infrastructure they have been able to meet up to global standards. NIS has various ranks under it and each rank has duties to perform.

The Nigeria Immigration Ranks

We have listed below the ranks under the Nigeria Immigration Service from the least cadre to the highest:

  • Passport Officers
  • Immigration Assistant
  • Assistant Inspector of Immigration
  • Senior Inspector of Immigration
  • Assistant Superintendent of Immigration
  • Superintendent of Immigration
  • Assistant Comptrollers
  • Assistant Comptrollers General
  • Comptroller General Immigration Service

The Structure Of Nigeria Immigration

Here we have listed the current structure of the Nigeria Immigration Service:

Human Resources Management

The Nigeria Immigration Service human resources (HR) is into the appointments, promotions, and discipline of Immigration staff when the needs arises. Aside from this they are also actively involved in the welfare of staff and also training, manpower and the development of staff.

Below is a highlight of what the directorate does:

  • The implementation of biometrics registration of all officers
  • Constant update of the Nominal Roll
  • Responsible for the welfare of all officers
  • Recommendation of methods of discipline to officers
  • Giving utmost support to ensure the smooth running of the organization

Planning, Research and Statistics

This structure of the Nigeria Immigration Service is responsible for the following:

  • Research making and giving policies recommendations that could help drive the organization forward
  • Works on statistical data with proper analysis and recommends necessary projections
  • Gives needed support for ICT driven facilities both for the management of the service and technical support

Finance & Account Directorate

This is the department that handles all financial transactions of the organization, they provide financial support when needed and this helps to maintain a smooth operation in the organization.

Here are some other responsibilities of the Finance & Account Directorate:

  • Handles the payment of salaries and allowances to officers
  • Prepares budget and ensures timely budgetary control
  • Makes all financial transactions
  • Documenting the records of revenue generation with backups

Work & Procurement

This directorate ensures the following are well handled:

  • The procurement of new infrastructures to enable the organization to work without hindrances
  • Making sure all nationwide infrastructures are well maintained
  • Ensures the design of projects, execution and also the proper monitoring based on given specifications
  • Makes sure all contracts are duly awarded to the right channel based on the provisions of the Procurement Act
  • Oversees the logistics and supply

Investigation, Inspectorate & Enforcement Directorate

These are the ones that are responsible for the enforcement of laws, below are the responsibilities of the directorate:

  • Responsible for the screening of Irregular and illegal migrants
  • Performs the surveillance and inspection of companies or hotels
  • Managing the suspect index
  • Ensures the high rise of human trafficking is brought to the lowest
  • Ensures that the smuggling of migrants is being reduced
  • Handling of officers profiling
  • Enforces the deportation orders and repatriations
  • Handles the application of those seeking to obtain Nigerian Citizenship and checks eligibility

Operations & Passports

This NIS directorate is the one that handles everything concerning the issuance of Visa/Entry Permits, Passports and other traveling documents.

Here are the responsibilities of the Operation & Passports directorate:

  • Real-time issuance of Immigration facilities
  • Responsible for the implementation of new Visa policies
  • Circulates the watch list to all passport offices with real-time updates
  • Ensuring the cancellation of passports from Nigerians that renounces their citizenship
  • Handling the bilateral and multilateral agreements
  • Handling the cancellation and investigation of fraudulent passports

Nigeria Immigration Salary [Newly Updated]

Currently, the salary of the Nigeria Immigration Service is placed at ₦30,000 monthly, this is the lowest one can get and could increase once allowances are applied. The annual salary of NIS is around ₦360,000 and with allowances could total ₦400,000 or more

The average salary which an immigration officer earns is about ₦2 million a year. Note that the salary increases based on rank.

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We hope you now have all the needed details concerning the Nigeria Immigration Salary Structure and other information on NIS, kindly make use of the comment box to contribute to this topic.

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