Neurosurgeon Salary In Nigeria 2022; How Much Do They Earn?

In case you want to know about Neurosurgeon Salary In Nigeria, this article has all the information you need on how much professional Neurosurgeons in Nigeria earn.

The salary scale of Neurosurgeons in Nigeria is worth more than they earn although their job isn’t based on money-making, the main objective is to save lives, they are the ones that manage any nervous and sensory system-related issues.

Neurosurgeons are experts and professionals skilled in working on the mind, spinal cord, body nerves and other coordination in the human body, with a wide scope of such you definitely must be interested in knowing Neurosurgeon Salary In Nigeria (Neurosurgeon Salary Scale).

Do you intend to pursue a career in the medical line most especially as a Neurosurgeon? This is a very good profession, it makes you a lifesaver, a solution finder and also you get handsomely rewarded for performing your duty as a specialist in this line.

Neurosurgeon Salary In Nigeria; How Much Do They Earn?

The profession requires you to get fully prepared for around five years and after this you go through extra training basically for kids and grown-ups which takes some years also, your training is focused on analyzing, treating and following medical procedures needed to solve issues that are sensory system-related.

You can as well extend your training scope to explicit areas, cerebrum medical surgery and others.

How Much Is Neurosurgeons Salary In Nigeria?

How much do Neurosurgeons earn in Nigeria? The profession is classified under the general public health consultant salary as we all know every medical doctor or medical practitioners are on CONMESS scheme or pay scale, CONMESS is an abbreviation of “Consolidated Medical Salary Scale.”

This is quite different when you go to other countries or continents like North America or Europe, over there you get paid based on the number of inputs made by professionals in this line, also the hours of work and number of patients you attend to.

In Nigeria, all medical practitioners are classified under the CONMESS scheme of which the Neurosurgeons are among.

Checking through our previously published article on the salary structure for doctors in Nigeria you will see that the Neurosurgeon Salary In Nigeria is the same as that of doctors.

Taking into consideration the new minimum wage an expert Neurosurgeon earns a salary estimate of ₦789,000 per month, after tax deduction. Adding this up for 12 months results in about ₦10 million annually.

Looking at this with the current economic situation of Nigeria a Neurosurgeon can’t live a comfortable lifestyle so this made most of them practice in the private sector which earns them more money, involving in private practice can earn an expert Neurosurgeon close to 6 million Naira monthly without tax.

For a low-income earner in the Neurosurgeon line they earn up to ₦700,000 and this can vary based on the hospital the person works at and the medium salary is around ₦1,000,000. To further give you a clearer view of how much Neurosurgeons earn in Nigeria we have included the salary of Doctors in Nigeria.

Salary Structure Of Doctors In Nigeria

According to reports medical doctors earn an average salary of ₦230,000 monthly, mind you there are other benefits monetarily based on the position of the practitioner.

Also, the more years spent while working the more your income increases and for low earning doctors who are still new in the profession earn around ₦170,000 while a senior specialist earns around ₦300,000. As stated earlier the salary also differs based on hospital, workload and many other factors.

Below are the current salary scale for Doctors in Nigeria:

Salary Range

Nigerian medical doctors’ salary scale ranges from ₦328,000 as goes as high as ₦1,510,000 monthly for experts. This doesn’t include other monetary benefits.

Median Range

The median salary for doctors in Nigeria is about ₦1,050,000 monthly which also translates to the same for the Neurosurgeons, some procure excess of this amount but there is more to it.

Salary Based On Years of Experience

As we said earlier doctors’ salaries differ based on years of experience, this is the same for most professions, the longer you spend practicing your profession the higher your earnings.

When a worker has up to or over 3 to 5 years of experience such worker automatically gets paid 32% more of his initial salary and this is the same for every medical practitioner under CONMESS.

Those that have clocked or exceeded five years, they get paid 36% more of their salary. What about allowances, how much allowances do doctors in Nigeria earn?

Doctors Allowance in Nigeria

Just like most professions the doctors earn allowances and the Neurosurgeons are not an exception, based on CONMESS scale there are other monetary benefits the medical practitioners get aside from their salary, they include;

  • Call Duty Allowance – This is the money earned when an official be it a clinical/dental specialist performs exceptionally well at the call of his/her duty.
  • Specialist Allowance – This type of allowance is only given to clinical/dental specialists who served as advisors for one reason or the other.
  • Clinical Duty Allowance – The clinical duty allowance is only paid to privileged experts, those who are active scholars in the colleges and at the same time render medical services.
  • Teaching Allowance – This is paid to those who are in teaching institutions, they produce more clinical specialists and some other experts in the medical line.
  • Hazard Allowance – All medical practitioners received the hazard allowance and this has nothing to do with your level or years of service.
  • Rural Posting Allowance – This is the type of allowance paid to public doctors who got posted through rural networks.
  • Health Professionals (Non-Clinical) Allowance – This is a duty allowance paid to clinical/dental officials who render health-related services in various government establishments, not necessarily hospitals.

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