NAFDAC Salary Structure 2022; Check How Much NAFDAC Staff Earns

How much does NAFDAC pay its staff? This article reveals the current NAFDAC salary structure for the benefit of those who intend to apply through NAFDAC recruitment process. NAFDAC is an agency created by the Federal Government of Nigeria to regulate and enforce laws related to food and drugs or other edible products in Nigeria.

NAFDAC as an organization has various offices and fields where staff or employees carry out various tasks to ensure fake, contraband or substandard drugs are reduced to the lowest. The circulation of fake drugs and spoilt food is on the high and NAFDAC is the one in charge of anything Nigerians consume in their body.

As a respected organization most graduates and citizens of Nigeria wish they could work under this body but do not know NAFDAC salary scale, this post is specially made to reveal all you need to know about NAFDAC and how much the body pays monthly and the total annually.

NAFDAC Salary Structure; Check How Much NAFDAC Staff Earns

Just like every other Federal Government organization the NAFDAC staff are placed on ranks based on their years of service and promotion gained while delivering their individual tasks.

NAFDAC rank ranges from the entry-level to senior officers, to further elaborate on this we urge you to read this article in full, we have taken our time to gather updated facts about NAFDAC salary structure based on the level at which an employee is.

About NAFDAC, Meaning & History

NAFDAC is an acronym of National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, it was established officially in January 1992 by Gen. Ibrahim Babangida under the Decree No: 15 of 1993 through the amended Decree No: 19 of 1993 to oversee the regulation and control of the importation, manufacture, exportation, advertisement, sales and distribution and also the use of drugs, food, medical devices, cosmetics, packaged water, detergents, chemicals and other home-use products.

Under this body we have the Director General’s Office then fourteen (14) other directorates that handle the functions of the agency so that Nigerians can confidently purchase and use things needed without fear of its standard.

List of NAFDAC Directorates

Below is the complete list of NAFDAC directorates, each of them has a particular duty they are required to deliver:

  • Director General’s Office
  • Registration and Regulatory Affairs Directorate
  • Food Safety and Applied Nutrition Directorate
  • Drug and Evaluation Directorate
  • Chemical Evaluation & Research Directorate
  • Narcotics & Controlled Substances Directorate
  • Veterinary Medicines & Allied Products Directorate
  • Port Inspectorate Directorate
  • Pharmacovigilance& Post Marketing Surveillance Directorate
  • Laboratory Services Directorate
  • Planning, Research & Statistics Directorate
  • Investigation & Enforcement Directorate
  • Admin & Human Resources Management Directorate
  • Finance & Accounts Directorate
  • Legal Services Directorate

Functions Of National Agency For Food And Drugs Administration And Control (NAFDAC)

The name alone gives you an insight into the functions performed by this agency but to give further explanations we have listed the functions of NAFDAC below:

  1. The agency is responsible for the collation of uniform requirements, the legislation aspect and also the administration of medicine, food, sachet and bottled water, importation, exportation, distribution, sales, e.t.c. of consumable products.
  2. NAFDAC ensures regular satisfactory checks are conducted to maintain the quality of products and also make sure producers or importers do not tamper with the initially approved quality.
  3. The agency provides quality assurance certificates to producers and also importers, this is to assure consumers that whatever they are purchasing in Nigeria is good.
  4. NAFDAC also audits imported foods, drugs, medical devices, cosmetics products, chemicals and water with recommendations on how to develop more and produce better quality.
  5. NAFDAC enforces the laws that guide the production of consumable products on companies or individuals that refuses to abide by the laws and prosecute defaulters.

NAFDAC Salary Scale [Newly Updated]

If you have been wanting to secure a job with the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control then with this information you know if you should further with NAFDAC recruitment process or not.

Most government agencies or private companies don’t like to disclose the salary of their staff to the public but we have done some research and met with some of NAFDAC staff who made the NAFDAC salary structure known.

NAFDAC Salary For Youth Corpers

Do you know that as a Youth Corper you can serve in NAFDAC? Yes, you can but the issue is Youth Corpers are not placed under the salary scale in NAFDAC, Although some corp members are being paid allowances but not all, only those who work under the state’s agency.

Nigerian Youth Corpers working under NAFDAC are being paid up to ₦30,000 allowance monthly, this doesn’t have anything to do with the allowance paid by the Federal Government to all Youth Corp members and also not all state pays this.

NAFDAC New and Entry Level Salary

Newly employed NAFDAC staff are the ones at the lowest scale. Nevertheless, as new employees gain more experience over the years the salary will be increased.

The current salary earned by new or entry-level staff in NAFDAC is estimated to be between the range ₦70,000 to ₦90,000 monthly after the deduction of tax. Mind you, this does not include your allowance as you get that separately and once you advanced more than the basic entry-level you earn more.

While in a year a GL 7 staff earns a total of ₦1,073,217 with some other benefits and allowances added to it.

The Monthly Salary of a NAFDAC Staff Per Level

Knowing this is so important because you need to know how much you will earn in a space of some months or years, NAFDAC is placed under the health agency of the federal government and this implies that NAFDAC staff will be paid through the CONRAISS scale of payment. Below we have listed a breakdown of what you should expect:

  • Every staff member on GL 8 earns around ₦103,987 monthly and this will total ₦1,247,854 annually excluding tax assessment and insurance derivations.
  • Every staff member on GL 7 earns ₦89,434 monthly salary and in a year has a total of ₦1,073,217 without affecting the tax or other benefits.

It is important to note that you can get some good allowances also and the more years spent working in the agency the more your salary increases and also allowances.

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With the following information, we hope we have been able to help you with the latest NAFDAC salary structure, if you have questions kindly make use of the comment section below.

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