List of United States Coins and Their Value In 2023

Surely, you have ever heard that there is a science that studies coins and their value. It is known as “Numismatics“. Experts in this field, in addition to knowing about its history, also have the ability to distinguish the monetary cost of them.

Would you like to know the difference between an ordinary penny and an extremely valuable one? Next, we will tell you everything about the United States currencies; how much they cost and any aspect related to the value of American coins.

List of United States Coins and Their Value

What are the 4 main American currencies?

Currently, there are four currencies in progress. The lowest denomination is the “Penny” (penny). It is worth 1 cent. It began to circulate in 1793. Initially, the design was that of a woman with her hair tousled, which symbolized freedom:

  • Back then, it was made of pure copper and was larger than the current one, which today is made of copper and zinc. For 60 years, the figure of the woman remained at the front of the Penny. By 1857 it began to be modified. In that year, they added a soaring eagle on the obverse and a crown on the reverse.
  • At the beginning of the 19th century, Abraham Lincoln would become the first president of the United States to appear on a coin, this due to the centenary of the anniversary of the civil rights leader in the country.
  • Second, we have Nickel. It’s worth 5 cents. It would appear in 1794. It was made of silver and not of the material that identifies it. It was the first 5 cent coin. The designs were also varying from one decade to another. Its nickname comes from when, in 1866, the Mint produced 5-cent nickel and copper coins, which people began to call “Nickels”.
  • The “Dime” has a value of 10 cents, making it the third coin of the USA monetary cone. Currently, the most recent design is in honor of Franklin Roosevelt. It was issued for the first time in 1796. It is made of nickel and copper.
  • Finally, there is the 25-cent coin or “Quarter”. It is the largest of the 4, both in size and in value. As with the 10 cent coin, it was also launched in 1796. It is characterized for being the most widely used coin today, because it works in vending machines, toll stations, etc.

How much are United States coins worth?

American coins and their value depend on a long list of factors. There are three specific aspects: the rarity, demand and condition in which it is found. The more of these are applied, the currency will have a much higher cost.

We also have the demand, which varies according to the popularity and availability of it. One method to get an idea of ​​the cost of coins in the USA and in 2023 is through eBay. It has a specific section for trading high-value coins.

Note: the guide of the American Numismatic Association is also available to have a clear idea of ​​the price of coins in the United States.

What are the highest value US coins?

There are dozens of coins which are usually highly sought after by collectors. Most of them, according to their characteristics, have an extremely high value, even unreal. These are the 5 highest priced American coins:

  • Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle

The value in pesos of this coin is $379,269,838.77, which is equivalent to 20 million dollars. Its original price was just $20. It is a coin that was in progress from 1907 to 1933, which is why it is characterized by its rarity.

  • Flowing Hair Silver Dollar

It has a value of $13,280,850. It circulated for just 1 year (1794 – 1795), which is why it is currently one of the most valuable and most sought after. It was the first silver dollar in the USA.

  • Brasher doubloon

The value of this American coin in 2023 is around $9,986,500. It was worth $15 and only circulated for 1 year (1787). It is the first gold in the United States and, interestingly, it was created by Ephraim Brasher, a neighbor of George Washington. Only 7 were made, but the one with the initials of its creator is the most coveted.

  • Liberty Head V Nickel

Circulated during 1913. If you check the records of the US Mint, this coin does not exist, but, there are actually 5 of these Nickels with the “Liberty Head”. For this reason, it is one of the most valuable: 5 million and in 2023 it will be close to 6. There are two in museums and the rest circulate in the rare coin market throughout the world.

  • 1894-S Barber Tell Me

It dates from 1894 and is one of the most mysterious coins. Only 24 were created and, at present, only 9 of them are known. The sale price exceeds $2,406,200 in 2023.

How do I assess the value of American coins?

To carry out an appraisal of United States coins, it is best to use an expert appraiser to classify them according to their rarity, condition, popularity, grade, etc. To do this, the American Society of Appraisers have a directory for you to locate one in your area.

On the other hand, the American Numismatic Association has a list of dealers and distributors with knowledge of the value of US coins or, failing that, resorts to the Directory of Dealers of the Professional Numismatics Guild.

The best alternative to find out how much the United States currencies are worth in 2023 is to hire the services of an expert. Note that if it is damaged and not eligible to be collected, you can sell it for its metal. For example, you can know the value of this if:

  • You multiply the weight of the coin by the percentage of its “fineness.” This will establish how much of the material you should sell.
  • Multiply the result of the first calculation by the current price of the precious metal in the coin.

If you don’t know where to go to find out the current prices of gold, silver, copper, etc., Kitco is a website specialized in markets, which will help you calculate the value of the American currency that you are interested in selling.

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From what year are the coins more valuable?

Quarters created before 1965 are worth their price in silver. All quarters with the Standing Liberty symbol have a higher value, except for the worn ones. Those of Washington, precisely the D series of 1932 and the S of that year, are also of significant value.

Are $1 dollar coins rare?

Although many believe that it is indeed rare, the reality is that the vast majority of these coins are very common and are still worth their $1 dollar price. The first silver $1 coins began to be manufactured in 1974.

Are the coins from the 70s worth anything?

Yes, they can cost a lot of money . The highest value are the buggy quarters that were cast between 1874 and 1977 . They were accidentally made with 40% silver plates. For this rarity, the price increases, even reaching $1,000.

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