Highest Paying Professions in Canada 2023, [+Salaries]

Do you care to know the highest paying professions in Canada? Canada is the second most desired country for those who intend to migrate/relocate abroad. After the United States, the North American country is the choice of many people who want to immigrate and seek security and quality of life.

The visa process to live in Canada is not simple; there is a score to choose people with the desired profile according to the job demand. However, by doing all the steps and preparing yourself, it is possible to live in Canada. Another option is to get selected by a Canadian company that sponsors the work visa.

Highest Paying Professions in Canada, [+Salaries]

With that in mind, we found the best paid professions in Canada for you to get to know and see if yours is on the list. Check it out below.

Highest Paying Professions in Canada

Check out the best paying jobs in Canada:

  • Federal judges: $308,600 – $396,700
  • Specialist doctors: $117,000 – $375,000
  • Dentists: $53,805 – $213,671
  • Family Physicians: $58,015 – $310,054
  • Lawyers: $48,630 – $146,431
  • Senior Manager, Merchandise Production, Utilities, Transportation, and Construction: $75,159 – $141,569
  • Senior Manager in Finance and Communications: $77,805 – $129,629
  • Actuaries: $45,820 – $129,740
  • Engineering Managers: $68,100 – $172,000
  • Airline Pilots: $35,233 – $146,274

Average Salary in Canada

Salaries in Canada are high, on average, a Canadian or foreigner working there earns C$51,000.00 Canadian dollars per year (about $4,250.00 per month). The state (province) that has the highest salaries are Alberta, New Foundland and Labrador.

In Alberta, the largest city to live in is Calgary and the capital is Edmonton, both with over 1 million inhabitants. The median salary in the state is $59,384.00 per year.

See the list of salaries in Canada by province:

Salaries in Canada over $90,000 a year

According to the PayScale website that provides information on wages and benefits for workers, learn about the professions in demand in Canada that can pay more than $90,000.00 per year:

  • Project Manager
    Salary Range: $48,910 – $113,053
  • Business Analyst
    Salary Range: $46,642 – $92,975
  • Registered Nurse
    Salary Range: $47,882 – $90,777
  • Sales Account Executive
    Salary Range: $31,173 – $102,353
  • Senior Sales Executive
    Salary Range: $41,808 – $135,490

Salary Increase in Canada

Canada has a strong economy and the annual salary increase in 2017 was 3.1% year-on-year. Due to its proximity to the United States and several trade agreements, its economy is one of the most influential in the world.

Employment in Canada continues to grow along with its economy. In 2018, 219,000 new jobs increased, the majority for full-time positions (all day).

Companies to Work for in Canada

Canada has many national and foreign companies, check out a list of the best companies to work for in Canada:

  1. Microsoft
  2. PointClickCare
  3. SAP
  4. Keg Restaurants
  5. Ubisoft
  6. Shopify
  7. Randstad
  8. Fortinet
  9. intact
  10. Starbucks
  11. Electronic Arts
  12. RBC
  13. apple
  14. SickKids
  15. University Health Network

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Here comes the conclusion of the highest paying professions in Canada, we hope this piece is helpful, if so kindly hit the share buttons below.

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