Top 10 Best Engineering Colleges in Canada [2023 Ranking]

For students from developing and under-developed countries, Canada is one of the first places to come to mind when it comes to studying engineering abroad and for this reason, we have written a comprehensive article on the top best engineering colleges in Canada.

This is due to the fact that engineering colleges in Canada are among the best in the world and there are many job opportunities for new graduates.

Top 10 Best Engineering Colleges in Canada

In today’s article, you will get to know the best engineering colleges in Canada.

The 10 Best Engineering Colleges in Canada

1. University of Toronto

Toronto, one of the most dynamic and vibrant cities in the world, is home to the University of Toronto, one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

According to the US News ranking, it is the 18th best university in the world, and its engineering program is the 48th best in the world.

About 25% of the 60,000 students at the University of Toronto come from over 160 different countries. A variety of performance venues, art galleries, concert halls, sports facilities and cultural centers are available to university students.

Five former prime ministers of Canada graduated from the University of Toronto. Nobel Prize winners, for example, receive more attention in academic circles.

2. University of Waterloo

Despite its young age, the University of Waterloo is already considered one of the best higher education institutions in Canada.

According to US News and World Report, the university offers the second best engineering degree in Canada.

The university is located in the province of Ontario, a small area of ​​less than 500,000 people that is considered one of the fastest growing scenes of entrepreneurship in the world.

More than a hundred courses at the University of Waterloo offer the co-op option, which allows students to work in the field they are studying while attending classes.

Because of this, about 20% of the school’s 30,000 students are from outside the United States.

This course is ranked 22nd in the world by US News and World Report, making it an excellent choice for those with a more specific interest in electronic electrical engineering.

3. University of British Columbia

Known as the University of British Columbia, or simply UBC, the university has its main campus in Vancouver, one of the best cities in the world to live in.

As one of North America’s most international universities, the University of British Columbia (UBC) is widely considered one of the best. More than a third of the university’s 65,000 students are from outside the United States, hailing from more than 150 countries.

The university also invests $660 million annually in research, fueling approximately 9,500 cutting-edge initiatives.

4. University of Alberta

Edmonton, the provincial capital and home to the second largest population in Alberta, is home to the University of Alberta.

The city has a vibrant, young population, as well as a healthy and growing economy.

One of the university’s five campuses is located outside the city. At the north end of the city, there are 113 buildings spread over 50 blocks.

The University of Alberta’s engineering program is ranked 76th in the world by US News & World Report, and the university invests more than C$400 million annually in projects across its 18 faculties.

The University of Western Australia and the University of Munich, both in Germany, are among the institutions with which it maintains collaborations in teaching and research.

With 36,000 students, of which around 7,000 are international students, the university is among the best in Canada for job placement. For the sake of completeness, we should point out that Alberta has the highest national median salary.

5. College of Engineering at the University of Western Ontario

“Western” understands that the best engineers are leaders and innovators, which is why the university is known as “Western.”

As a result, undergraduates at the university can pursue a business degree alongside their engineering studies or specialize in Integrated Engineering.

Design thinking workshops are available to Western students to help them learn human-centered design skills and gain an edge in the job market.

In addition, the University of Western Ontario’s College of Engineering collaborates with leading regional companies to help students secure internships and jobs (after graduation).

About 13,000 students have graduated from the college’s alumni network in a variety of fields.

6. McGill University

McGill University, one of the top 50 colleges and universities in the world, is the oldest university in Montreal and one of only three in Quebec to offer English courses.

Every year, the 84th best engineering program in the world attracts a huge number of students.

McGill University is a member of the Association of American Universities, which brings together the best research universities in North America. 30,000 students attend McGill, 25% of whom are from outside Canada.

The university is divided into ten faculties, with a total of 300 different course options.

McGill’s location in a French-speaking area means that students who study there will have the opportunity to improve their French language skills.

7. Queen’s University College of Engineering and Applied Science

Queen’s University prepares engineering students for leadership in their respective fields through a rigorous technical curriculum.

Consequently, the university’s engineering department has the highest percentage of students who complete the course (91% of the total).

In addition to the Tech ‘n’ Tinker Trailer, an extension program for students and faculty, the Faculty of Engineering at Queen’s University has several notable offerings (3D printers, microcontrollers, building materials and other practical technologies).

An extensive exchange program allows students to spend time at universities in countries such as Germany, the United States, France and England during their time at the institution.

If you are interested in studying abroad while in Canada, you also have the option to do so.

8. Humber College

Humber is headquartered in Toronto and has eight separate schools. Its curriculum emphasizes hands-on experience and job readiness, similar to the previous school.

As a result, finding a job after graduation is much easier.

Approximately 4,700 international students are accepted each year to study at this university, which offers courses in Electronic Engineering and Electrical Engineering.

9. Centennial College

Canada’s largest city, Toronto, is also one of the richest in the country.

Cooperative education at Centennial College allows students to graduate with both theoretical and practical knowledge in their chosen fields of study.

Centennial College also offers internship opportunities for students.

10. McMaster University College of Engineering (Hamilton, ON)

Acclaimed for its innovation and high-quality research, McMaster University is committed to excellence in all fields of engineering. There are a number of prestigious Canadian honors awarded to those who work in academia at this prestigious institution.

There are only three women in history to win the Nobel Prize in Physics, and one of them is Donna Strickland, a former student.

At the Faculty of Engineering at McMaster University, there are 20 major research centers with state-of-the-art equipment. As a result, students receive hands-on training in state-of-the-art equipment and technology before they graduate and begin working in the real world.

Engineering students can participate in MacChangers, a program that provides experiential learning (based on thinking about what you are doing) opportunities for these students.

Students work in groups to develop solutions to the most pressing problems facing society today, particularly in the Hamilton region, using the foundational knowledge they have gained.

Infrastructure health, environmental stewardship and a strong economy are areas of concern.

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