Business Ideas & Investment Opportunities In Ghana

Ghana’s economy is getting stronger and better as the day goes by. But despite the rapid growth, the country is still falling short in many areas. Are you a citizen of Ghana or are you based in Ghana? Have you been taught about Business Ideas and Investment Opportunities In Ghana that you can venture into?

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and would love to start a business in Ghana, now is the best time to do so. There is no better time to start a business than now.

Business Ideas & Investment Opportunities In Ghana

Business Ideas & Investment Opportunities In Ghana

If you are planning on traveling to Ghana to reside there, here are some lucrative business ideas and Investment Opportunities In Ghana.

1. Selling Technology Accessories

Nowadays, anyone selling technology accessories like mobile phones, laptops, printers, mobile phones gadget, computers, and computer appliances and accessories is bound to rake in billions of cedis.

With the increase in the use of technology, more and more people either own or use these gadgets on a daily basis. And the demand is very high and increasing year in, and year out.

A child of 10 years old now has access to mobile phones and a computer and they all need accessories too. An aspiring entrepreneur would surely consider venturing into this business.

2. Jewelry Business

Ghana is popularly known in Africa for its gold deposit. Yet jewelry is very expensive in the country.
And you know that women treat jewelry as a crucial part of fashion and can’t just take it off their eyes.

The fact that a wedding ring is a must in most marriages, also proves the business idea is a good business to venture into.

3. Construction Materials

If you are a true Ghanaian or you have been in Ghana for a long time now, you should have noticed that many people are now building houses almost everywhere.

The reason which I know is obvious is that most rich people have now known the benefit of building houses. In addition, there has been a notable influx of estate developers.

Building materials like cement, roofing sheets, plumbing materials, tiles, etc. are needed in erecting structures. If you can immediately venture into selling these materials, then you can be sure of making cool cash.

Here is how most people who sell construction materials make their money. After they have bought those materials for sale, they visit various construction sites to pitch to contractors, and they meet with plumbers and also pitch to them.

These sellers strike deals with those contractors and entice them to patronize their product on the basis of giving them discounts in return.
Since most building contractors are looking for ways to put some of their client’s/customers’ money into their pocket, they buy into it.

4. Hair and Beauty Salons

I know you will say that you are not a hairdresser or have any idea in that field. But the truth is that you don’t need to be a beauty specialist or hairdresser or a barber to own a hair and beauty salon business.

Your job as an entrepreneur is to open the store and employ those that know something in the field and your job is to manage the business.

You must not be a barber to own a barbing salon, you just build a salon business and employ people who are good at the art of hairdressing, barbing, and skin maintenance to deliver services to customers while you run the business.

Hairdressing for the ladies is not cheap—think of exfoliation, pedicure and manicure, and makeup. I went into research and discovered that there is no hair and beauty salon in Ghana that is ever lacking customers on a daily basis.

This business is forever a lucrative business because if you treat your customer nicely, they will always come back for your services.

5. Pharmaceuticals

This is another lucrative business idea in Ghana. Drugs are a necessity in the country and in any other country and one has no option to buy them when he or she is sick. I just returned from a pharmaceutical store where I went to buy a drug for my throat and guess what! I met people there.

Though there are strict rules and regulations become one can key into this business, I promise you that you have a real chance to join the millionaire club if you are approved to start this business.

6. Transportation Business

Transporting people from one place to another is a necessity. Since many Ghanaians move a lot, launching transport services to carry these people either going to work, school, the church will be a very profitable business.

The fact is it takes an individual a decade to rely on transportation before he or she finally gets a car. These same categories of people can be your potential customers for as long as it takes them before they finally buy their own car.
With one or two vehicles, you can start your own transport services and start making money like a boss in Ghana.

7. Laundry Business

Due to the busy nature of most employees that they hardly have time to do their laundry, the services are highly needed and you can make lots of money if you venture into this business idea.
This business is capable of making you a millionaire in no time mostly if you are the only dry-cleaning services business in your vicinity.

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These are the top 7 top Business Ideas & Investment Opportunities In Ghana that are proven to make you six figures within a year if you can effectively manage the business. You have no excuses again, this is your year!

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