How To Open A Juice and Smoothie Bar

The craze for smoothies started way back in the early 1970s when the awareness for healthy food was in full swing. Restaurants and shops spring up in response to the demand from customers for natural organic food and drinks.

Today, the awareness for healthy food and drinks has risen so high and blown beyond one’s expectation. Consumers are now more conscious of what they eat or drink than ever before.

How To Open A Juice and Smoothie Bar

In Nigeria, people are not left out in the healthy food business. Smoothie shops have become both mainstream and upstream options for consumers who just want to take a sip of banana-carrot, juice, or berry-blast smoothie for breakfast, lunch with friends, or post-workout snack as a light dinner date with a special one.

How To Open A Juice and Smoothie Bar

Here are five steps guide to starting your own smoothie shop.

Create an Attractive Menu

There is so much variety of new fruit mixtures/combinations to try out, all you need to do is select a couple of basic smoothie formulas and come up with different smoothie themes/names for your menu. You have protein smoothie recipes, antioxidants smoothies, and other variations to choose from.

And note that, most customers love to munch on small chops and other light snacks while they sip on their cocktail drinks, so ensure to include light snacks/meals as part of your menu items.

Evaluate The Smoothie Market

You need to carry out a market survey in order to evaluate potential smoothie markets in your city or the area where you plan on opening your shop. Potential smoothie markets may include, commuters(walk-in customers), workers on lunch break, health-conscious individuals, customers who love to try a new smoothie flavor, and residents on a lunch date.

Once you figure out your target markets, come up with a variety of offerings that will attract these target customers.


Depending on your budget that’s how you will know where to site your shop. If you are starting small, consider getting a cart in a strategic place in town or renting a small space in a shopping mall. But if you have the funds and want to start big, then you need to find a storefront in a nice and busy area and rent.

Ensure that the area has enough foot traffic so that customers/residents can walk in at any time of the day and get a cup of your juicy smoothie.

Obtain a Business License

As you open your shop, you need to consider getting a business license under the food-related category. So visit your city or country’s state-corporate affairs commission office and obtain that license. It will also be a good opportunity for you to obtain a tax identification number, commercial banking account, and possibly a liability insurance policy.

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Market Your Smoothie Shop

First start by planning an opening ceremony, well, more like an awareness campaign of smoothie fest to let people/customers know about your new shop. Invite customers to come to try out samples of your different smoothie flavors and possibly some light snacks to go with the smoothie drinks.

Print colorful flyers, stating all your offerings and any other side attractions and distribute them to target customers in fitness centers, shopping malls, offices within and outside your shop area, and other health store establishments.

Finally, advertise your shop on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Goggle +, etc.

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