The Safest Countries In The World In 2022

Do you want to know the safest countries in the world? When planning a trip, one of the things that must be taken into account is safety, because when going to a destination, what we all want, in addition to enjoying it, is to return home.

That is why, one of the first things you must take into account to be a responsible traveler is to inform yourself about your destination and the possible risks that exist in it to anticipate and prevent them.

The Safest Countries In The World

One of the ways to choose an ideal destination is to know the list of the safest countries in the world.

Stability, low crime and violence rates, in addition to good services, characterize these countries and if we add their tourist attractions to their safety, they become ideal countries to travel to this year.

How do we make our list?

To give you the best information regarding the safest countries to travel to, at AllroundGist we use various sources of information.

On the one hand we see the Travel Risk Map of International SOS, which every year studies the risks for travelers in all the countries of the world.

We cross the map data with those offered by the Global Peace Index, one of the most important benchmarks of pacifism in the world.

This index is released each year by the Institute for Economics and Peace, although they omit smaller countries from their studies.

Finally, we confirm that there are no travel alerts from the main international organizations, and we look at the health risks, thus obtaining our ranking.

We use this same method to determine the list of the most dangerous countries in the world.

For this year, in addition, we exclude countries with a mortality rate from Covid-19 greater than 2% of their population, since the pandemic is an issue that travelers must take into account.

What are the safest countries in the world?

10. Finland

The top 10 safest countries are dominated by Europe, and specifically, the north of the continent is the region with the least risks in the entire world.

Finland may be the least known country in the region, but it offers visitors natural attractions in its forests and lakes, as well as being one of the places with the best heavy rock bands in the world, offering a great contrast for all tastes.

In addition, it boasts of being the happiest place in the world.

9. Luxembourg

This duchy is often overlooked by travelers as it is nestled between France, Belgium and the Netherlands, however it is the most prosperous and safest nation in the region, with risk indices rated as insignificant.

Its high standards of living benefit not only its inhabitants but also the travelers who visit it, since all public transport is free and safe.

Cathedrals, Palaces, Medieval Bridges and Castles await travelers who venture to this fairy tale country, where you will never imagine being so close to Paris or the capital of the European Union.

8. Austria

This year Switzerland falls off our list of safest countries in the world with a sharp drop in the Global Peace Index, but its neighbor Austria remains for the second year in a row.

In this alpine country, safety warnings are generic, and you are more at risk of running into an avalanche than experiencing robbery or violent crime.

Austria is also one of the must-see tourist destinations in Europe, Vienna and Salzburg are cities that cannot be missing from your wish list, and you can travel to them for only three euros taking advantage of the country’s commitment to promoting public transport to fight against the climate emergency.

The palaces, stories and museums that are in them are beautiful, it is also a capital of classical music and has delicious chocolates.

7. Andorra

Being a micronation that does not mess with anyone and gives its inhabitants a high standard of living is the way in which several destinations join the best countries in terms of security, and this is the case of Andorra.

The country, nestled in the Pyrenees, is the only Iberian nation on the list, and although it has lost places due to security warnings in its bars for some female tourists, it remains a place with very few problems.

In Andorra you can understand each other perfectly in Spanish, French or Catalan, in winter it is a snow destination for skiing and in summer one for mountain hiking and to discover its medieval villages.

6. New Zealand

New Zealand is the only non-European country on our list of the safest countries in the world, as it remains a place where not only is crime low, but it has also done excellent management of the pandemic, being one of the few countries that has it under control.

Divided into two islands, the natural landscapes of New Zealand have been desired by travelers since they were made known in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and it is also the place to learn about the Maori culture, one of the most recognized in the world. South Pacific.

5. Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is such a small country that it is possible to cover it from one end to the other by cycling and it can well be considered the most peaceful in the world as well as one of the safest countries in the world.

All embassies agree in naming it as one of the safest countries to travel.

Located between two other countries that stand out for their stability, it has in Vaduz, its capital, the base to explore its territory where you can go from discovering alpine villages to skiing.

4. Denmark

Denmark’s security extends not only to its territory, but also to its colonies: the Faroe Islands and Greenland, thanks to which the American continent enters a list dominated by Europe.

The capital, Copenhagen, is a must for travelers in Denmark, it is one of the best cities for cycling and its icon is the statue of The Little Mermaid.

The only warning for travelers is to beware of pickpockets, who sometimes seek victims in the capital’s shopping districts, as well as in the micronation of Christiania.

Greenland and the Faroe Islands are so safe that they don’t deserve even the slightest mention of the world’s top embassies.

3. Norway

The Nordic country has the largest increase in our ranking, going from position 10 to 3 in the world in security, which it achieves with the insignificant risk category in the Travel Risk Map, along with the fourth position in the global peace index.

It is one of the countries where you can learn about the history of the Vikings, but its greatest attractions are the natural ones.

The fjords are a natural wonder worth seeing with your own eyes at least once, and in the north of the country you can see the northern lights.

2. San Marino

San Marino returns to the list of safest countries in the world from which we removed it last year and that is that the small medieval country nestled in Italy solved the only problem that prevented it from being in the top 10.

San Marino lost its place due to its high mortality rate from Covid in 2020, but by 2021 and thanks to vaccination, this has dropped and so they can claim their place among the safest in the world.

Outside of health, San Marino has never had the slightest risk to travellers, and the calm is such that the most dire warning offered by the UK government is that “drinks may be stronger than those served elsewhere”. countries”.

For tourists, the country is famous for its medieval cities spread over several hills and is also a famous place for collectors for the postage stamps it offers to those who practice philately.

1. Iceland

The safest country to travel to is Iceland, which remains at the top for the fourth year in a row.

This nation, located north of the Atlantic Ocean, tends to dominate the indices year after year without anyone taking away the first place on the list, which it retains this year also.

In Iceland you can enjoy dramatic landscapes and hot springs resulting from its volcanic activity that make this island bigger year after year.

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Nature makes it an ideal destination for sustainable tourism, and you can choose to stay in its capital, Reykjavik, or go on a road trip around the island.

Here comes the end of the list of the top 10 safest countries in the world to travel to.

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