NGO: Complete List of Human Rights Organization in Nigeria

After thorough and critical research, AllroundGist has compiled a full list of all the Human Rights Organizations in Nigeria as of 2023.

But before moving further, what then is the Human Rights Organization?

A human rights organization is a non-governmental organization bounded with the main aim and objective of advocating and fighting for the rights of humans.

NGO: Complete List of Human Rights Organization in Nigeria

Below are therefore the complete list of the Human Rights Organization in Nigeria as at the time of writing this.

  1. Federation Of International Female Lawyers
  2. Citizens Center For Integrated Development And Social Rights (CCIDESOR)
  3. CIRDDOC-Civil Resource And Documentation Development Center
  4. Foundation For Environmental Rights, Advocacy And Development
  5. Centre For Democracy And Development
  6. Human Rights Monitor
  7. PANAFSTRAG-Pan-African Strategic And Policy Research Group
  8. Network For Justice
  9. Network On Police Reform In Nigeria
  10. Connecting Gender
  11. Persons With Disability Network (PEDANET)
  12. Women’s Rights Advancement And Protection Alternative (WRAPA)
  13. Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Center
  14. The Human Rights Law Service
  15. Childs Right Protective Initiative Right
  16. Advocates San Frontieres
  17. Legal Defence And Assistance Project (LEDAP)
  18. CLEEN Foundation
  19. Niger Delta Budget Monitoring Group
  20. Women’s Aid Collective (WACOL)
  21. Partnership For Justice (PJ)
  22. Project Alert On Violence Against Women
  23. Institute Of Human Rights And Humanitarian Law (IHRHL)
  24. HEDA Resource Center
  25. Community Partners For Development (CPD)
  26. Women Advocacy Research And Documentation Centre (WARDC)
  27. Center For Agric & Rural Development (CARD)
  28. Humanitarian League
  29. Women Development Initiative
  30. Welfare And Development Centre
  31. Dynamic Youth Development Organization
  32. Civil Liberty Organization
  33. Helpers Organization Of Nigeria
  34. Health And Development Initiative
  35. Women Economic Linkages Organizations Of Nigeria
  36. Fa International Women Association
  37. Widows And Orphans Development Organization
  38. Women And Community Livelihood Foundation
  39. Human Right Commission
  40. Step Up Foundation
  41. African Human Development Center
  42. Heal The Land Initiative
  43. Fast Lane Women Network
  44. Eagles Foundation for Humanity.
  45. Peace, Knowledge, Growth & Love Foundation (PEKGLOF)
  46. Rural Health & Women Development.
  47. And Youth Empowerment Initiative
  48. Media Rights Agenda (MRA)
  49. Gender And Social Action Network (GSAN)
  50. Alliances For Africa(AA)
  51. Echoes Of Women In Africa Foundation (ECOWA)
  52. Mission5000plus
  53. Media Concern Initiative (MCI)
  54. Muslim Youth Initiative
  55. Girls child Hub
  56. NNNGO-Nigeria Network Of Ngo’s
  57. NCICC- Nigerian Coalition For The International Criminal court
  58. Women Development Center
  59. Women’s Consortium Of Nigeria
  60. Center For Women’s Health And Information
  61. Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders
  62. Socio-Economic Rights Initiative
  63. Adolescent Health And Information Project
  64. Women United For Economic Empowerment
  65. Oluwafolakemi Washington Help Foundation (OWHF)
  66. Community Health Advancement And Fund Empowerment Centre
  67. Humanity Family Foundation For Peace And Development
  68. Life Builder Initiative
  69. For Sustainable Health Promotion And Development
  70. Centre For Advocacy, Rehabilitation And Empowerment
  71. Centre For Better Health And Community Development
  72. Access To Justice
  73. Network Of National Human Rights Institution
  74. Human Rights Social Development Environmental Foundation
  75. Jigawa Women’s Network For Access To Justice
  76. Basic Rights Action
  77. Open Society Justice Initiative
  78. West African Bar Association (WABA)
  79. Development Initiative
  80. Action Health Incorporated
  81. Baobab For Women Human Rights
  82. Legal Defence Center (LDC)
  83. Grassroots Empowerment Initiative
  84. Society For Gender And Child Advancement
  85. Ceddart
  86. Rights-Based Awareness Coalition
  87. Confluence Of Rights
  88. Kano Civil Society Forum
  89. Gandhi Alternative
  90. Policy And Legal Advocacy Center
  91. Zero Corruption Coalition
  92. Minority Gender Action
  93. Democratic Action Group
  94. Justice, Development, And Peace Commission
  95. Nigerian Bar Association (NBA)
  96. Centre for Socio-Legal Studies
  97. Centre For Human Rights In Islam
  98. Rights Enforcement And Public Law Center
  99. Law Students Association of Nigeria (LAWSAN)
  100. Center For Research And Development
  101. Centre For Ethics Democracy And Development (CEDAD)
  102. Muslim Students Society of Nigeria (MSSN)
  103. Alexander Foundation
  104. Home Makers Women Development Initiative
  105. Human Rights Centre
  106. Centre For Peace Building And Socio-Economic Resources Development
  107. The Independent Project
  108. Coalition Against Sexual Offence
  109. Catholic Institute For Development, Justice And Peace
  110. West Africa Network For Peace Building Nigeria
  111. Women Law & Development Centre
  112. NOPRIN Foundation
  113. Foundation For Environmental Rights, Advocacy And Development (FENRAD)
  114. Replinglin And Associates
  115. Community Advancement Project
  116. Millennium Development Center Gusau Zamfara State
  117. Fulani Initiative For The Protection Of Environment And Less Privileged.
  118. Humanity Development And Peace Initiative
  119. Centre For The Advocacy Of Justice And Rights
  120. Human Rights And Community Development Initiative.  As we continue with this list of Human Rights organizations in Nigeria,
  121. Coalition Of Budget Transparency Advocates In Kano (COBTAK).
  122. Bauchi Human Right Network
  123. Organization For The Sustenance Of The Nigerian Environment
  124. Economic Empowerment And Educational Development
  125. Rural Integrated Development Initiative
  126. Centrum Initiative For Development And Fundamental Rights Advocacy
  127. Concern For Women Development Initiative
  128. Health Education And Environmental Protection Alliance
  129. Life Helpers Initiative
  130. Carmelite Prisoners’ Interest Organization (CAPIO)
  131. Global Community Prime Initiative
  132. Women’s Initiative For Self-Actualization
  133. Legend Youth Association
  134. Imenem Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society
  135. Little Hearts Of Praise Initiative
  136. Partners For Peace
  137. Centre For Education, Women Development And Population Family Life Activities
  138. Akinwumi Plus Ojo Foundation
  139. Development Empowerment Initiative
  140. Triumphant Health And Development Initiative
  141. Society For Women And Aids In Africa Nigeria
  142. War Against Child, Sexual, And Physical Abuse Society
  143. Mercy Trust Foundation
  144. New Initiative For Social Development
  145. Global Network For Community Development
  146. Life And Peace Development Organization
  147. Adenike Obatayo Hope Foundation
  148. National Women’s Alliance Against Corruption (NWAAC)
  149. Sharing Heart International (SHI)
  150. World Youth For Change Initiative
  151. Community Development Group
  152. Society For Rights And Human Development
  153. Community Center For Women And Children Development (CCWCD)
  154. Zamfara Youth Platform
  155. Green Fountain Foundation (G-FOF) Shinkafi
  156. Advocate For Gender Equality Prison Services
  157. Greenspring Development Initiative
  158. League For Human Rights
  159. Centre For Peace Advancement In Nigeria
  160. Cyndy Orji Foundation
  161. Total Support For The Rule Of Law & Justice Initiative
  162. Advocacy For Self Rehabilitation Initiative
  163. Anma Development Foundation
  164. Critical Response For Universal Xpression (CRUX)
  165. Devatop Centre for Africa Development
  166. Sexual Offence And Rehabilitation Initiative
  167. National Human Rights Commission
  168. Human Rights Activist
  169. Coalition Of Human Rights Activists
  170. Community Environment Development Network

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