The 10 Richest Musicians In Tanzania 2021/2022 [Forbes Updated]

Who are the richest musicians in Tanzania presently? This post is aimed at educating you about the top 10 wealthiest Tanzania musicians with their updated net worth and every detail about the artists on this list.

Lately, Tanzania has recorded a huge success and growth in the Tanzania music industry likewise in East Africa and also in the whole of Africa.

This success is due to the fact that music in Tanzania has taken a new dimension with the talent most Tanzania musicians display and this has, in turn, made some of the musicians in Tanzania exceptionally rich and they can now compete with their counterparts in other top African countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana e.t.c.

We at AllroundGist will also like to point you to our previous post which reveals the top richest musicians in East Africa in order for you to know how Tanzania musicians perform in East Africa and also in the whole African continent.

The 10 Richest Musicians In Tanzania [Forbes Updated]

Tanzania is well known to be the base of Bongo music which is also called Bongo Flava, this music style has been able to attract a lot of listeners all across East Africa and with the help of A-list artists like Diamond Platnumz it was able to make its way down to Nigeria the country with the largest music market in Africa.

It shouldn’t be a thing of surprise to you that Tanzania artists both male and female are now being featured on the international space and they have been delivering and representing the country and African continent well in the global music sphere.

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The artists on this list are award-winning artists and have received a lot of recognition and accolades from every part of the world. Isn’t it important to know those who have placed Tanzania on the global chart?

So, Who is the richest musician in Tanzania? Continue reading this piece to know who the richest Tanzania music artist is and every other information about each of them.

The 10 Richest Musicians in Tanzania 2022

Below is a table showing the wealthiest Tanzania musician:

Rank (#)Tanzania Richest MusicianEstimated Net Worth ($)
#1.Diamond Platnumz$8.2 million
#2.Ali Kiba$7.2 million
#3.Professor Jay$4 million
#4.Lady Jay Dee$3.2 million
#5.Juma Nature$3 million
#6.Yesaya Ambwene (AY)$2.6 million
#7.Harmonize$2.5 million
#8.Vanessa Mdee$1.3 million
#9.Rayvanny$1.1 million
#10.Juma Jux$900 thousand

The table alone cannot justify this list not until you read about each of the artists and how they were able to accrue such fortune in their music career.

1. Diamond Platnumz — (Net Worth $8.2 million)

Diamond Platnumz is currently rated as the richest Tanzania musician, he is one of the most famous musicians in Africa currently. His real name is Nasibu Abdul Juma Issack, born on the 2nd of October 1989 in Tandale, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

To be one of the most sought-after musicians in Africa by top African musicians and also music lovers all across Africa was made possible through hard work and huge investment, he has collaborated with many A-list musicians in Africa and globally.

In Tanzania today he retains the post of the king of Bongo Flava, he is a professional singer, dancer, businessman and also philanthropist.

Diamond Platnumz reveals in an interview that he risked everything for his career to flourish by featuring the Nigerian superstar Davido. This made him broke but he was happy that the decision was made because it transformed his career making him one of the most loved musicians in Nigeria.

Never forget that Nigeria owns the music market in Africa and this gave him a huge boost thereby getting him millions of fans from Nigeria.

Diamond Platnumz is a multi-award-wining artist with numerous nominations and endorsement deals both locally and internationally, he also recently starred in the Netflix “Young, Famous and African” TV show alongside other top African celebrities like Nigerian Tuface Idibia (2Baba) his wife Annie Idibia, South African Khanyi Mbau, Andile Ncube, Naked DJ alongside other top celebrities in the continent.

Diamond Platnumz net worth is currently estimated at $8.2 million making him the richest music artist in Tanzania and the 2nd wealthiest musician from East Africa.

2. Ali Kiba — (Net Worth $7.2 million)

The 2nd richest Tanzania musician is no other than Ali Kiba, he is an A-list artist from Tanzania and also well appreciated all over Eastern Africa, he goes by the name Ali Saleh Kiba and his professional and stage name Ali Kiba, he is a singer and a songwriter.

We received huge love from music lovers after the release of his album titled “Cinderella”. The album crossed the Tanzanian border to other East African countries and some other African nations as it broke records and was named the Best Selling Album in East Africa with Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda topping the chart.

He is also known as King Kiba, he got signed to Sony Music Entertainment record label. Ali Kiba net worth according to Forbes is around $7.2 million and his wealth is mainly from his music career.

3. Professor Jay — (Net Worth $4 million)

The third richest musician in Tanzania is Joseph Haule who is known by his stage name Professor Jay, he is a talented rapper, songwriter and politician. Aside from making the list of the wealthiest Tanzanian Artist, he is also among the richest musicians in East Africa.

Professor Jay was born on the 29th of December 1975 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, he started his music career at an early age and since has been so active.

His rap style is the type that keeps you vibing to every beat and with this, he was able to win the heart of more fans for himself, he is one of the most successful rappers Tanzania boasts of.

Professor Jay net worth is currently estimated to be about $4 million, with this he made his way up on the list of the richest musicians in Tanzania.

4. Lady Jay Dee — (Net Worth $3.2 million)

You just have to appreciate the effort of Lady Jay Dee in the Tanzania music industry, she is one of those who gives hope for ladies who are interested in being a top-rated musician and being successful at it.

She goes by the name Judith Wambura Mbibo and she is well known as Lady Jay Dee by her fans all over Tanzania, Eastern Africa and globally. Lady Jay Dee was born on the 15th of June 1979 in Shinyanga, Tanzania. She is a singer who majorly specializes in singing Afro Pop and R&B.

As a woman, she has been at the forefront to promote and advocate for programs and outreach for girl child education. She is also a successful female musician who has paid her dues and remains one of the respected female musicians in the country.

Lady Jay Dee net worth is currently pegged at $3.2 million and her fortune is earned through her music, endorsement deals and shows.

5. Juma Nature — (Net Worth $3 million)

Juma Nature is a Tanzanian hip-hop artist and record producer, he was born in 1980 and his full name is Juma Kassim Ally. He is a multi-award-winning musician and has his shelf filled with Awards from Channel O Music Awards and other Awarding bodies in Tanzania and Eastern Africa.

Well known in the 90s he kickstarted his career as a musician was noticed when he founded the Temeke group with the refreshing music Wanaume Halisi, he gathered other talented musicians from the slum of Dar es Salaam which won the heart of many music lovers in the country.

Today, Juma Nature is one of the pillars of the Tanzania music industry and his net worth is placed at $3 million, he is one of the most successful musicians in Tanzania.

6. Yesaya Ambwene A.Y — (Net Worth $2.6 million)

The list of the richest musicians in Tanzania wouldn’t have been complete without mentioning AY, he was part of the Eastern Coast band and his career started in early 2000.

After some years the group got disbanded he didn’t give up on himself, he started performing some solo music together with Mwana FA who happen to be one of the defunct groups and later on he established a brand label called “Unity Entertainment Company.”

In his company he sings, records other singers, signs new artists and in the name of the company perform in many shows which have helped his music career to be a successful one.

Aside from music A.Y also owns a clothing line that is very popular across Tanzania. A. Y net worth presently is about $2.6 million and his fortune is attributed to money made from music and his clothing line business.

7. Harmonize — (Net Worth $2.5 million)

Another on our list of top richest Tanzanian musicians is Rajab Abdul Kahali famously known as Harmonize, he was born on the 15th of March 1990 in Mtwara, Tanzania.

His music career started with Wasafi records and his success over the years has paid, now he owns his own record label named “Konde Music World Wide.”

Harmonize is a Tanzanian Bongo Flava singer and a music businessman. Some of his albums are; Afro East, Kwa Ngwaru and High School, his kit songs are Mama, Happy Birthday, Kwangwaru Jeshi and many others.

Harmonize net worth is currently estimated at $2.5 million making him one of the richest musicians in Tanzania today.

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8. Vanessa Mdee — (Net Worth $1.3 million)

One of the best Tanzania female musicians and also one of the most successful, Vanessa Mdee is a sensational model and a singer. She was once a former MTV Base VJ who came into the limelight with her hit single titled “Nobody But Me”

Vanessa Mdee was born on the 7th of June 1988 in Arusha, Tanzania. Her full name is Vanessa Hau Mdee and she is a professional Tanzanian singer, rapper, TV personality and radio host.

Some of her hit songs are Money Mondays, Bambino and Nobody But Me, as a successful musician who has performed in many shows and has millions of streams on YouTube she has won herself numerous awards and has been nominated on many occasions.

Vanessa Mdee net worth is currently estimated at $1.3, her wealth is made up of income from music shows, streaming platforms and endorsement deals.

9. Rayvanny — (Net Worth $1.1 million)

Raymond Shaban Mwakyusa popularly known as Rayvanny is not only famous in Tanzania but a well-known musician in the whole of East Africa. He is a Tanzanian musician, songwriter and also recording artist currently working with WCB Wasafi record label.

He was born on the 22nd of August 1993 and remains the most successful Tanzanian musician from Mbeya region of the country.

Rayvanny is well known for dropping hit music, freestyles, club hits, motivational quotes and he loves singing songs centered on love and relationship.

As an artist loved by all, Rayvanny hit songs like Tetetma, Teamo, Makulusa and many more have gotten him a large fanbase from Tanzania and beyond the shores of the country.

Rayvanny net worth is currently placed at $1.1 million and his fortune is completely from the money made on his songs.

10. Juma Jux — (Net Worth $900 thousand)

The last but not the least on this ranking is Juma Mussa Mkambala popularly known as Juma Jux, he was born on the 1st of September 1989 in Dar, es Salaam, Tanzania. He started music at a very young age of 16 years when he started rapping.

He is a musician and also a songwriter who has achieved a lot through the years he has been active in the Tanzanian music industry. Some of his hit songs are Utaniua, Siskii, Sugua, Zaidi, As Long as you Know, I love You, e.t.c.

As a top-rated artist in Tanzania he has collaborated with other Tanzania musicians like Diamond Platnumz, Otile Brown, Nyashinski, Vanessa Mdee and many other artists. Juma Jux current net worth is estimated to be over $900,000.


Who is the richest female musician in Tanzania?

Lady Jay Dee is currently ranked as the richest female musician in Tanzania, she is a singer who specializes in R&B and Afro Pop, she currently has a total net worth of $3.2 million.

Who is the most famous Tanzania musician?

Diamond Platnumz is the most famous and also the most successful musician in Tanzania, the Bongo Flava king is well known in Tanzania, East Africa and the whole of Africa, he has also collaborated with international stars all over the world.

How much is Diamond Platnumz worth?

Diamond Platnumz currently has a net worth of $8.2 million, he is regarded as the richest Tanzania musician with a lot of fans all over the world.


The Tanzanian musicians listed here have paid their dues, they deserve to be appreciated over and over again, they are the legends in the Tanzanian music industry and their contribution to the nation’s economy is well felt.

Most of the artists are known to be very passionate about what they do and this has placed Tanzania among the African countries that entertainment thrives in.

Top 10 Richest Musicians In Tanzania (Recap)

Here is the updated list of the richest artists in Tanzania:

  • Diamond Platnumz — ($8.2 million)
  • Ali Kiba — ($7.2 million)
  • Professor Jay — ($4 million)
  • Lady Jay Dee — ($3.2 million)
  • Juma Nature — ($3 million)
  • Yesaya Ambwene A.Y — ($2.6 million)
  • Harmonize — ($2.5 million)
  • Vanessa Mdee — ($1.3 million)
  • Rayvanny — ($1.1 million)
  • Juma Jux — ($900 thousand)

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We hope this post have done justification to any question you may have concerning who the richest musicians in Tanzania are, kindly use the comment box to contribute to the topic.

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