The 10 Richest Women in South Africa 2022 [Forbes Updated]

Who is the richest woman in South Africa today? Today’s article is centered on the top 10 richest women in South Africa and their net worth according to Forbes and Bloomberg, continue reading this piece to know who the wealthiest women in South Africa are.

South Africa is a country blessed with smart and hardworking people, the country is also rich in many natural resources which aids production as raw materials can be easily gotten.

As we all know, South Africa is a country with much cultural diversity, we have different tribes, races and people of different cultures. This is the reason why the people are the best asset the country has and this is one of the reasons why the government of the country has been supportive in terms of creating enabling environment for businesses to thrive.

Now that a lot of individuals and groups have invested a lot into the country, we have seen huge progress and the country’s economy has gotten stronger to be one of the largest economies in Africa.

The 10 Richest Women in South Africa [Forbes Updated]

Gone are the days when men alone are being ranked as the richest in South Africa, today South African women have given them a run for their money as they now compete with their male counterparts and even dominate many industries in the country.

The women on this list have made fortunes and they are also one of the backbones of South Africa’s economy, join us as we reveal the top 10 richest women in South Africa.

The 10 Richest Women in South Africa

Below is a table showing the wealthiest women in South Africa:

Rank (#)South Africa’s Richest WomenEstimated Net Worth ($)
#1.Wendy Appelbaum$180 million
#2.Wendy Ackerman$155 million
#3.Irene Charnley$100 million
#4.Bridgette Radebe$80 million
#5.Sharon Wapnick$62 million
#6.Elizabeth Bradley$30 million
#7.Judy Dlamini$12 million
#8.Nhlanhla Mjoli-Mncube$8.2 million
#9.Mamphela Ramphele$5 million
#10.Christine Ramon$4.3 million

As you can see through the table these are wealthy women, converting their fortunes to South African rand will translate to billions of Rands. Therefore, these are the South African billionaires who have made a name for themselves in various industries in South Africa.

To further know how they were able to achieve this spot and made wealth for themselves continue reading as we reveal their businesses, personal details, their journey to wealth and other facts you need to know about the wealthiest South African women.

10. Christine Ramon — (Net Worth 4.3 million)

Christine Ramon is one of the richest women in South Africa lucky to make the list of the top 10 wealthiest women in SA, she is a South African businesswoman and an expert who has been able to deliver her best service in various South African multinational companies.

She started through humble beginnings and today she is ranked among the most successful women in South Africa, she started her journey to wealth as an accountant and got nominated by World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader.

Christine Ramon has held various top positions in the country, she worked as the Chief Financial Officer and also the Executive Director of AngloGold Ashanti Limited, she is also a Non-Executive Director of Lafarge in Paris, France likewise in MTN Group Limited which is one of the leading telecommunication company in Africa.

Christine Ramon net worth is currently estimated at $4.3 million and her fortune is attributed to income made through businesses and salaries earned from working with top companies in South Africa.

9. Mamphela Ramphele — (Net Worth $5 million)

Mamphela Ramphele is one of the most respected politicians in the history of South Africa, she was born on the 28th of December 1947 in Bochum, South Africa and her contribution as an activist who was fully against apartheid cannot be forgotten.

She is also a professional medical doctor, an academic and a successful businesswoman who got named in 2011 as one of Africa’s Richest Women.

Mamphela Ramphele influence can be felt in almost every sector in the country, she is the wife of Steve Biko the anti-apartheid activist and has been seen always supporting things that will be beneficial to all South African citizens.

Before joining politics, she served as the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cape Town. In the year 2000, she was made the Managing Director at World Bank, she later created a political party in South Africa named “Agang” before her retirement.

Mamphela Ramphele net worth is currently pegged at $5 million making her one of the richest women in South Africa today.

8. Nhlanhla Mjoli-Mncube — (Net Worth $8.2 million)

The founder and Chairman for Women for Housing also made it on the list of the richest South African women. While real estate in South Africa is mostly dominated by men Nhlanhla Mjoli-Mncube joined the trend and she was one of the first set of women who joined real estate.

For her to stand out among the rest she created Mjoli Development Company which is a string of real estate companies alongside Eziko Investments and also the Alpha Network for Women and with her expertise she was able to excel in the business world.

Aside from that, she has served in many offices, she was once the Economic Advisor to the South African President and she has been among other executives. Nhlanhla Mjoli-Mncube net worth is currently over $8.2 million with money made from different businesses and investments.

7. Judy Dlamini — (Net Worth $12 million)

When talking about beauty with brain we are referring to women like Judy Dlamini, she is a South African businesswoman and also an author. Judy Dlamini was born on the 6th of July 1959 in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Judy Dlamini was made the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Whitersrand, while being active in academics and as a prolific businesswoman she was able to write books on different business es, entrepreneurship, business guides and many more which has really helped most business owners in the country.

Judy Dlamini net worth is currently $12 million, and her fortune is gotten from numerous achievements in business and also money made from her books.

6. Elizabeth Bradley — (Net Worth $30 million)

The list of the richest women in South Africa will never be complete without mentioning Elizabeth Bradley, she was born in South Africa and her father is the one who brought the Toyota brand to South Africa.

As a daughter of a man who is doing well in the automotive industry Elizabeth Bradley didn’t depend on her fathers wealth, she is business-driven and was able to diversify into other businesses which is totally different from what her father does.

Elizabeth Bradley is so successful in her businesses and her business acumen paved way for her, she has shares in AngloGold, Hilton Hotel, Standard Bank, Rosebank Inn and now she is the Chairman of Wesco Investments South Africa and also the chairman of Toyota South Africa.

Elizabeth Bradley net worth estimate is totaled at $30 million and no one will dare doubt how she arrived at such fortune.

5. Sharon Wapnick — (Net Worth $62 million)

The influence of Sharon Wapnick cannot be left unnoticed, although she was born into a rich family being the daughter of popular billionaire Alec Wapnick the founder of City Property a property management company. Mind you, even when you have wealth and all the money needed if you are not business inclined you may squander the wealth, this is the reason why she deserves to be applauded.

She singlehandedly took over the family business and has scaled it higher after inheriting her father’s wealth. Sharon Wapnick made some amendments which have seen the company diversify its portfolio and this has birthed Octodec Investment Ltd and Premium Properties Limited.

Sharon Wapnick as a smart investor has amassed a huge fortune for herself, her family, and also in turn has generated a huge income which has helped the South African economy.

Sharon Wapnick net worth is currently estimated at $62 million which made her one of the richest women in South Africa today.

4. Bridgette Radebe — (Net Worth $80 million)

Bridgette Radebe is a South African billionaire and a successful businesswoman who was born on the 26th of February 1960, she is famous for running a successful mining company named “Mmakau Mining.”

She is one of South Africa’s richest women who started by working as a miner and over time established her own company, the company is into the mining of uranium, gold, coal, chrome, platinum and other forms of explorations.

Bridgette Radebe has won numerous awards and the notable one among her awards is the “International Businessperson of the Year 2008”, she is also known to be born with a silver spoon and the wife of Jeff Radebe who was once the South African Minister for Justice.

Bridgette Radebe net worth is presently pegged at $80 million which made her a billionaire in Rand and also one of the richest women South Africa boasts of.

3. Irene Charnley — (Net Worth $100 million)

Irene Charnley is the 3rd richest woman in South Africa, she was born on the 6th of May 1960 in South Africa, she was a former unionist and one of South Africa’s top respected businesswomen.

At the early stage of her career, she worked as a negotiator for the South Africa National Union of Mineworkers and after spending over 13 years in various operations of the union she was recognized for her work and made an Executive Director at MTN.

Irene after working at MTN for some years tried to expand to other parts of Africa and this paid off, today she owns shares in many companies and the major one being Johnnic Communications with up to 35% shares.

Irene Charnley net worth is currently estimated at $100 million making her a billionaire in South African Rand and also winning her the “Business Person of the Year 2000.”

2. Wendy Ackerman — (Net Worth $155 million)

Wendy Ackerman is the second richest woman in South Africa, she is a business tycoon mostly focused on retail business and is also known for her gesture as a philanthropist.

All thanks to women like Wendy Ackerman who have one way or the other contributed to the growth of South Africa’s economy, her investments in various portfolios can’t be left unnoticed.

Wendy Ackerman is fully into her fashion retail business, she is also a non-executive director of “Pick n Pay Holdings Ltd.” a company with a presence in Nigeria, Mozambique, Zambia, Namibia and also Australia.

Wendy Ackerman net worth is estimated at $155 million, her fortune is gotten from various business investments and also as being in charge of Ackerman Family Trust.

1. Wendy Appelbaum — (Net Worth $180 million)

The richest woman in South Africa is Wendy Appelbaum, regarded as the most successful businesswoman in South Africa today Wendy Appelbaum was born in 1962 into a wealthy family, her father Donald Gordon is known to be a billionaire.

Wendy Appelbaum wealth is traced to her Directorship role in her fathers’ insurance and real estate company called “Liberty Investors” although over time she has been able to diversify.

The knowledge gained from her father on how to run a business was well utilized by Wendy Appelbaum as she was able to scale up and make more fortunes.

Other investment of hers is in the wine business owning a wine farm in South Africa. Wendy Appelbaum net worth is currently estimated at $180 million making her top the list of the richest women in South Africa.


South Africa is blessed to have the listed women as the majority of them are a source of encouragement to other women all over Africa, their influence is well felt in the South African economy and they need to be applauded for their efforts.

It is important to note that these are passionate businesswomen who through hard work have been able to become achievers, nothing good comes easy and this has been the driving force of the businesses women who stood out among others.

Top 10 Richest Women In South Africa (Recap)

Here is the updated list of the wealthiest women in South Africa:

  • Wendy Appelbaum – ($180 million)
  • Wendy Ackerman – ($155 million)
  • Irene Charnley – ($100 million)
  • Bridgette Radebe – ($80 million)
  • Sharon Wapnick – ($62 million)
  • Elizabeth Bradley – ($30 million)
  • Judy Dlamini – ($12 million)
  • Nhlanhla Mjoli-Mncube – ($8.2 million)
  • Mamphela Ramphele – ($5 million)
  • Christine Ramon – ($4.3 million)

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We hope this post has cleared any questions you may have concerning who the richest women in South Africa are, kindly use the comment box to contribute to the topic.

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