Stevie Wonder Net Worth & Biography 2023: Career, Albums and Facts

Stevie Wonder’s net worth, biography, and other important facts about one of the most successful musicians are what you will read in this article.

Stevland Hardaway Morris as he bears officially is one of the prominent figures in the American music industry. He is an American musician, singer, songwriter, and recorder. Although blind, Stevie Wonder did not see it as a disability as he contributed a lot to many music genres, notably R&B. Hence, the tag by different fans calling him a musical genius.

He has won many awards and recognition because of his works and contributions to popular music. Also, Stevie Wonder has 9 children from 5 different women and he is currently married to one of them.

Continue reading Stevie Wonder’s net worth and biography to learn more about the award-winning singer. This includes his early life, past relationships, songs & albums, and other important facts.

Before we dive deep into Stevie Wonder net worth and biography in full we will like you to check out his brief profile.

Stevie Wonder Profile

Full Name:Stevland Hardaway Morris
Stage Name:Stevie Wonder
Date of Birth:13th May 1950
Place of Birth:Saginaw, Michigan U.S.A
Age:73 Years Old
Marital Status:Married
Career:Musician, singer, songwriter, and recorder
Career Status:Active from 1961 till date

Now that you know little about Stevie Wonder reading more about him should interest you, get to know more about the wonderful legend.

Early Life and Education

Lula Mae Hardaway gave birth to Stevland Hardaway Morris (nee Judkinsi) on 13th May 1950 in Saginaw, Michigan. He was his mother’s, Lula’s 3rd child, and the second son of his father, Calvin Judkin.

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Stevie was born pre-maturely and hence, need an incubator to survive. He later developed Retinopathy of Premature, one of the complications of using an incubator. The condition which is characterized by the cessation of eye growth leads to Stevie’s blindness from childhood.

At 4 years of age, Stevie Wonder and his family moved to Detroit in Michigan after his mother’s separation from his father. After Lula Mae Hardaway who later died at 76 years in Los Angeles left Calvin Judkins, she revives her first marriage. Which later give birth to another 2 children apart from Stevie and the other two children making five children altogether.

It was at this period that Stevland’s surname was changed to Hardaway Morris which the latter still maintained to date. Although the name ‘Hardaway’ was also one of his father’s surnames, the name belongs to his mother’s husband and it was just a mere coincidence.

During this period, Stevie Wonder as popularly known by fans has started playing different instruments in church. His love for music makes him learned how to play different instruments including drums, Harmonica, Piano, and so on. He later graduated to playing in street corners and parties with his partner who they both nicknamed themselves ‘Steves & John’.

The prominent artist attended Fitzgerald elementary school and later proceeded to Michigan School for the blind. Before, he faces music squarely till he became a star and to this moment.

Music Career

As noted earlier that Stevie Wonder has started singing and playing instruments from childhood. He was also signed into a label as a teenager and makes some of his impacts during that time. Thus, giving rise to the name ‘Little Stevie Wonder’ which he later changed to ‘Stevie Wonder’.

Stevland was signed into the Mowtown record label by CEO Bery Gordy at the age of 11 years old in 1961. This was after Stevie sang his composition which he titled ‘Lonely Boy’ to Ronnie White. The latter who was mesmerized by the song later lead him with his mother to the CEO of the Mowtown label.

He was left with a producer, Clarence Part whom he did a lot of work together with and learned the ropes of making good music at a tender age. Stevie made his first album titled ‘The Jazz Soul of Little Stevie’ in 1962. Not until 1963 at age 13, when his single titled ‘Fingertips’ make it as the No. 1 hit on Billboard hot 1000.

Since then he has collaborated with different artists to make different songs and albums. This is including his 1972s ‘Music of mind’, ‘Talking book’, ‘Innervisions, ‘Fulfillingness First finale’, ‘songs in the Key of Life’ and so on. In 1979, Stevie Wonder make use of technology (Inc’s music sampler) to record his song titled ‘The secret of life plant’, which is his first digital record production.

Little Stevie Wonder’s fame started rising and was at its peak in the 1970s. He is famous for his style of music using a funky keyboard, integrated series of songs, and personal control to achieve good songs and albums. Singing different music genres like rhythm, blues, pop, jazz, funk, gospel, and soul, he became a huge influence in the music industry.

Stevie Wonder is considered one of the most successful singers in the world as he sold over 100 million of his records worldwide and earned a lot of awards and recognition for it. He’s a 22 times Grammy Awards winner apart from other notable awards and hall of fame induction.

Stevie Wonder Songs and Albums

Below is the full list of songs and albums produced by Stevland with their corresponding year of release.

  • Jungle Fever Soundtrack released in 1991
  • The Jazz Soul of Little Stevie released in 1962
  • Tribute to Uncle Ray released in 1962
  • With a Song in My Heart released in 1963
  • Stevie at the Beach released in 1964
  • Down to Earth released in 1966
  • Up-Tight released in 1966
  • Someday at Christmas released in 1967
  • I Was Made to Love Her released in 1967
  • For Once in My Life released in 1968
  • Eivets Rednow released in 1968
  • My Cherie Amour released in 1969
  • Signed, Sealed & Delivered released in 1970
  • Where I’m Coming From released in 1971
  • Talking Book released in 1972
  • Music of My Mind released in 1972
  • Innervisions released in 1973
  • Fulfillingness’ First Finale released in 1974
  • Songs in the Key of Life released in 1976
  • “The Secret Life of Plants” Soundtrack (Stevie Wonder’s Journey) released in 1979
  • Hotter than July released in 1980
  • The Woman in Red Soundtrack released in 1984
  • In Square Circle released in 1985
  • Characters released in 1987
  • Conversation Peace released in 1995
  • A Time to Love released in 2005

Awards and Recognition

Stevie Wonder net worth and biography wouldn’t have been complete without stating his rewards. As a result of his contributions to the music industry and other notable services, Stevie Wonder has won a lot of awards. This is including being a 22 times Grammy Awards winner, inducted to different Hall of Fame and so many others.

Below is the list of some of his awards and recognition.

  • Best Rhythm & Blues Grammy Awards for the Song”Superstition” – 1973
  • Best R&B Vocal Performance Male Grammy Awards for “Superstition” – 1973
  • Best Pop Vocal Performance, Male Grammy Awards for “You are the Sunshine of My Life” – 1973
  • Album of the Year Grammy Awards  for Innervisions – 1973
  • Best Rhythm & Blues SongGrammy Awards for “Living for the City” – 1974
  • Best Male R&B Vocal Performance Grammy Awards for “Boogie on Reggae Woman” – 1974
  • Best Male Pop Vocal Performance Grammy Awards for Fulfillingness’ First Finale – 1974
  • Album of the Year Grammy Awards   for Fulfillingness’ First Finale – 1974
  • Best Male R&B Vocal Performance Grammy Awards for “I Wish” – 1974
  • Album of the Year Grammy Awards for Songs in the Key of Life – 1976
  • Songwriters Hall of Fame – 1983
  • Academy Award for Best Song for “I Just Called to Say I Love You” movie – 1984
  • Best Male R&B Vocal Performance Grammy Awards for Square Circle – 1985
  • Inductee of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – 1989
  • Inducted into the Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – 1994
  • Best Rhythm & Blues Song Grammy Awards for “For Your Love” – 1995
  • The Apollo Legends Hall of Fame by Apollo Theater – 2002
  • Songwriters Hall of Fame – 2002
  • Best Male Pop Vocal Performance Grammy Awards for “From the Bottom of My Heart” – 2005
  • Inductee of Michigan Walk of Fame – 2006
  • Lifetime Achievement Award by the National Civil Rights Museum – 2006
  • Montreal Jazz Festival Spirit Award – 2009

Personal Life and Relationship

When it comes to relationships and marriage, Stevie Wonder is not a novice. Although Stevie Wonder is currently married to Tomeela Robyn Bracy with a daughter named Na. He has been married to 3 women in his lifetime.

Stevie Wonder’s first wife, Syreeta Wright is a Mowtown singer, songwriter, and colleague. They were married from 1970, until 1972 when they both seek a divorce.

His second wife, Kai Millard is a fashionista and designer. They were married for more than a decade from 2001 till 2012 when they officially seek a divorce. Kai Millard and Stevie Wonder union produced two children; Kailand who is a drummer and plays with his father on stage and Mandla Kadjay Carl.

Apart from all these women who he married and was married to, Stevie Wonder whose age is currently 71 years old had other children from other women. Long before he married, he had two children with Yolanda Simmons who came to apply for a secretary job in his company. Yolanda gave him a daughter, Aisha Morris who is also a singer and loves touring with her father in 1957 and a son, Kein in 1977.

He also had a son in 1983 with Melody McCulley named Mumtaz Morris. Also, there are two children from a woman with a hidden identity; Sophia and Kwame, a daughter and a son respectively. In summary, Stevie Wonder has 9 children with 5 different women including his ex-wife and current wife.


Talking about Stevie Wonder’s affiliations, he is considered a prominent figure because of his contributions to different issues. In the early 1980s, he was known to have lent his voice to a political cause when he sang a song for Martin Luther King Jr. on his birthday.

Being an individual living with a disability, Stevie Wonder is an advocate for people living with blindness and other forms of disability. Thus, he was tagged a Messenger of Peace by the United Nations. Barack Obama during his tenure also applauded his contributions by awarding him the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

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Stevie Wonder Net Worth

Although the popular musician and prominent figure are considered as one of the most successful singers in the world, Stevie Wonder’s net worth remains unknown. Even though millions of his albums were sold worldwide, there is no solid information on Stevie Wonder’s net worth.

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