The 10 Best Colleges In Virginia [New Ranking]

This article is about the best colleges in Virginia known to offer the best educational programmes and training in the state. knowing fully well that the United State of Virginia is home to several higher schools of learning in the U.S offering that provides quality education to its vast population within and outside the state as well as outside the country.

To be well-informed about the schools that are considered to be the Top Colleges in Virginia, ensure you read this article to the end.

The 10 Best Colleges In Virginia [New Ranking]

We know that many high school graduates will soon be preparing to enroll in one college or the other and are yet to settle on which institution to enroll. That is why we have compiled this list of the Best Colleges in Virginia that will offer you quality and excellent academic training. Without further ado, below are our top 10 picks.

Top 10 Best Colleges In Virginia

1. University of Virginia

Occupying the first spot on our list and one of the Top Colleges in Virginia is the University of Virginia. The university was established by Thomas Jefferson in 1819 and has grown to be a formidable college in the state.

The University of Virginia is also one of the Public Colleges in Virginia and also a co-educational university that makes use of the semester-based academic calendar.

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The university is highly ranked among the public university in the United States ranking 3rd, and it is ranked 10th in research universities. The university has over 140 undergraduate majors, 80 master’s degrees, and 54 doctoral degrees are attainable.

2. College of William and Mary

Coming in second on our list is the College of William and Mary as one of the best higher school of learning in the United State of Virginia. The history of this college dates back to 1693 when England’s King William III and Queen Mary II established the college, making it the second oldest college in the U.S.

The University is a public research institution that makes use of the semester-based academic calendar. The college offers over 40 undergraduate programs and more than 20 graduate and professional degree programs. the institution is known for carrying out original research, involved in volunteer service, and offering excellent academic via quality teaching.

3. Virginia Tech

We have yet on our list one of the Public Colleges in Virginia and that is the Virginia Tech fully named Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, a public institution was established in 1872 and it is considered among the list of top-rated colleges.

The institution makes use of a semester-based academic calendar. The college is a strong research institute, with seven research institutes and two university research centres where students obtained undergraduate and graduate degrees and students are exposed to research opportunities. The institution majors on engineering as such it offers a wide array of engineering options among its over 280 undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

4. George Mason University

Still, on our discussion about the Best Colleges in Virginia, the next college on our list is the George Mason University. The institution is a public, co-educational university and the largest public research institution in Virginia established in 1957 with less than 20 students.

But today, the institution has grown to be one of the outstanding institutions of higher learning in Virginia enrolling over 34,000 with approximately 6,300 students living on campus. George Mason University makes use of the semester-based academic calendar and it offers over 50 undergraduates fully online or hybrid courses to students.

The college enrolls over 37,000 students annually for over 210 undergraduates and graduates programmes including professional programmes.

5. Virginia Commonwealth University

Taking us further in our discussion is the Virginia Commonwealth University, a renowned public research university established in Richmond, Virginia. The school is one of the Public Colleges in Virginia established in 1838 as the medical department of Hampden–Sydney College, becoming the Medical College of Virginia in 1854.

The school has since then grown to become one of the top schools in the country at large. The college makes use of the semester-based academic calendar; the school runs over 200 programmes offering undergraduate and graduate programmes as well as professional courses.

6. Hampton University

Hampton University is a private co-educational higher school of learning that holds a lot of history. The institution was established in 1868 and holds much history especially as a black university and has grown to become one of the top universities in Virginia.

The institution comprises of seven schools which are Business School Education and Human Development School, Engineering and Technology School, Liberal Arts School, Nursing School, Pharmacy School, and the Scripps Howard School of Journalism where students can enroll for one of its over 80 undergraduates and graduates programmes. The social life on this campus is active with over 100 students-run organizations to involve with.

7. Old Dominion University

Going further in our discussion, we also found the Old Dominion University among the Top Colleges in Virginia and one of the Public Colleges in Virginia that is worthy of mentioning in our list.

The institution that once began as a branch of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and the College of William and Mary training engineers and teachers, today has grown to become a renowned public co-educational four-year institution of its own enrolling over 24,000 students annually who choose from its over 100 undergraduate and graduate programmes most of which can be completed within four years.

8. Shenandoah University

Gradually closing in on ending this discussion, next on our list is Shenandoah University rated among the Best Colleges in Virginia. The university is a private school of higher learning founded in 1875 and has grown to become one of the top higher institutions in the United States of Virginia.

The institution makes use of the semester-based academic calendar and has a student population of over 3,000. Also, the college has a religious affiliation with the United Methodist faith. Besides, the institution comprises of seven schools where over 150 undergraduate and graduate programmes are offered.

9. Mary Baldwin University

Mary Baldwin University is not as large as some of the colleges mentioned in this list but that does not stop it from rating among the top colleges in Virginia. The private institution uses the 4-1-4 based academic calendar and it offers different programmes that award a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctorate degree.

The institution has a little over 1900 student enrollment annually with more than 50 undergraduate degree programmes to choose from. Also, the institution offers online study so that they can have more coverage and reach out to more students. Interestingly, the school has a lot of partners which help them provide students with more opportunities even before graduation.

10. Regent University

Regent University closes our discussion coming in at the tenth spot been one of the Top Colleges in Virginia. Regent University is used to be known as the Christian Broadcasting Network University founded in 1977 by Pat Robertson, but changed its name to Regent University in 1990.

Regent University is a mid-size private university that offers majorly four years course programmes especially for undergraduate students; more so, the college offers graduate programmes as well. The college employs the semester-based academic calendar to run its educational programmes.


I know by now that you are well informed about the Best Colleges in Virginia some of which holds notable American institution history. It is important to make findings concerning the school you wish to enroll so that you will have sufficient information on what it entails to enrol and especially if the college will suit you.

Nonetheless, these schools are picked from the numerous colleges available in Virginia to be the best, yet we’d like to mention that other institutions in the state also offer quality educational programmes as well.

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So, if you reside in Virginia or not but intend to study any of the colleges in this state, you can look up this list and select the institution of learning that best suits you.

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