The New Teachers’ Salary Structure In Nigeria 2022

If you need the new teachers’ salary structure in Nigeria this article got you covered. Contrary to popular belief in the western world, teachers don’t usually earn a decent income from their teaching jobs, especially when they are employed by schools that don’t value and respect the expertise of school teachers.

In this post, we will examine the current salary structure of teachers in Nigeria as of today. You’d get to learn how much money teachers can earn in the country, as well as the significance of school teachers in Nigerian society.

The New Teachers' Salary Structure In Nigeria

Sometimes, people don’t venture into teaching jobs because of the money. They decide to become teachers because of their genuine desire to shape and groom future leaders. If teachers usually consider their salary, they wouldn’t take up any teaching job because the salaries are often poor.

How Respected are Teachers in Nigeria?

Despite the fact that teachers are not handsomely paid by their employers, that doesn’t mean that they are not respected by members of society.

Owing to the fact that teachers are responsible for imparting knowledge into the lives of young ones, helping them to grow up into knowledgable and intelligent people, teachers are respected and valued by a lot of people.

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The only downside to becoming a teacher is that you won’t earn a lot of money. However, you could leave a legacy behind and impact lives with your career.

Teachers’ Salary Structure in Nigeria: How much are teachers paid per month?

Teachers working for both the state and federal governments are all members of the Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT) – this is a pressure group that fights for the rights of Nigerian teachers when the need arises.

When it comes to salary structure, federal government teachers are usually paid more money than teachers working under the state government.

On the other hand, teachers in the private sector, working for private primary and secondary schools don’t earn a lot of money either. Private school teachers’ salary structure is determined by a few important factors such as the management and location of the school.

Without any further ado, below is a piece of information about the new teachers’ salary structure in Nigeria:

Federal Government Teachers’ Salary Structure

As we have previously learned in this post, teachers working under the federal government are earning more money than teachers in the state government.

On average, a federal government school teacher’s monthly salary is usually between ₦40,000 – ₦66,000. Nevertheless, this salary can increase when the teacher spends a long time in service.

State Government Teachers’ Salary Structure

The teachers in the state government are being paid from the state’s finances. The interesting thing about this is that some state governments pay teachers more than other state governments, depending on how successful the state is.

For example, Lagos state is considered the best state when it comes to paying school teachers. Nonetheless, state government teachers’ salary is usually between ₦40,000 – ₦50,000 on a monthly basis.

Private School Teachers’ Salary Structure

Teachers in the private sector can be lucky sometimes when they are employed by big schools. Moreover, the salary of a private school teacher varies. The salary structure is often determined by the subject of the teacher, the location of the school, as well as the management.

Another thing you must also keep in mind is that teachers in secondary school are earning more money than teachers in primary school.

Having understood that, Private School Teachers’ Salary ranges from ₦50,000 to ₦250,000. What this means is that some teachers can even more than lectures; that is for those earning up to ₦250,000.


Can teachers work multiple jobs?

It’s possible for a teacher to have more than one job. However, it’s difficult because the teacher would have to struggle with juggling both jobs. Time management is also a determining factor in this.

Is the teaching profession lucrative?

Truth be told, the teaching profession is not lucrative at all. If you are looking forward to building a lucrative career, you shouldn’t consider teaching.

Does the Nigerian government appreciate teachers enough?

Many people don’t believe the Nigerian government appreciates teachers enough because of their poor salaries. Perhaps when teachers begin to receive a decent income, this popular belief would be altered.

Is teaching a difficult job?

Being a teacher is not always easy. You have to work with young minds and groom them, which tends to be quite difficult most times.  

Final Notes: New Teachers’ Salary Structure in Nigeria

When you compare the teaching profession to other professions in Nigeria in terms of salary structure, you would realize that teachers don’t stand to earn a lot of money. This is why some teachers have to take up side hustles in order to support their normal paycheck.

Nevertheless, whether you are a teacher or not, you should learn to respect teachers and recognize their importance in society. Thanks to teachers, we have young people who are intelligent, responsible, and decent in our country.

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