12 Best Sports Stores in the United States 2024

Find everything you need to exercise or practice your favorite sport in the best sports stores in the United States. Practicing a sport is essential for anyone’s health. Not only physically, but also mentally as it helps you relax and disconnect from everyday life.

Currently, many stores sell sports items and clothing, but they do not always have variety and good quality and prices. That’s why we’ve put together this list of some of the best sports stores in the United States that include options for all types of sports. You will find where to buy equipment and clothing for traditional sports such as soccer or American football, basketball or baseball or even for fishing and climbing.

12 Best Sports Stores in the United States

Sports Stores in the United States that you should know

Dick’s Sporting Goods

The number one in fame and size among sports stores in the United States is Dick’s Sporting Goods. They have hundreds of stores throughout the country either within shopping centers or in independent locations. What they all have in common is their large size since they sell everything you need to practice your favorite sport. Not only is there the classic equipment for playing American football or basketball, lifting weights or practicing Pilates, but you will also find products for snow sports, as well as for climbing or even kayaks.

In order to innovate even more, Dick’s has opened a new store concept called House of Sports. These have special areas for climbing, mini golf or an experience that simulates that you are playing baseball, soccer or lacrosse so you can try their products before buying them. They also have stores that specialize in selling products only for playing golf, called Golf Galaxy.

Academy Sports + Outdoors

Although they have a smaller number of stores, Academy Sports is another of the leading sports stores in the United States. They are originally from Texas, which is where they have the most presence. Many people prefer them to products for outdoor sports (such as fishing, climbing or shooting sports) over Dick’s since they have more variety in that type of product and even lower prices.

They even sell grills, folding chairs and patio furniture, so you can have a relaxing moment after playing sports outdoors. But they also sell sports shoes, all the equipment necessary to play baseball, golf clubs, American football helmets and more.

Big 5 Sporting Goods

For low-priced sports clothing and equipment, Big 5 Sporting Goods is a great alternative. This California-based store has great stuff for all types of sports with year-round promotions. They sell sports clothing from the best brands such as Nike and Under Armour, but they also have their own brands that are cheaper but whose quality is not bad at all.

Although there is not as much variety of products as in the other leading sports stores in the United States, there is a little bit of everything. Something that stands out is that they also sell table tennis, billiards or darts, as well as children’s toys such as remote control cars and trampolines. They have more than 400 stores, but only in a few states in the western United States.

Walmart and Target

As has been the case with other types of products such as toys, electronics, video games and more, the famous Walmart and Target supermarkets have also become a good alternative to purchase sporting goods in the United States. Although it varies a lot depending on the store, it sells things for sports of all kinds, whether for exercising at home or outside.

This includes weights, balls, bicycles, yoga mats or even tents. Their prices are quite competitive, although sometimes there are no specialized or high-quality products as in sports stores.

Footwear and Sportswear Stores

Foot Locker / Champs Sports

With more than 4 decades in the market, Foot Locker continue to be the kings of sports stores in the United States specializing in footwear. There are stores of this company in all the important malls in the country and they have been a reference since the 80s. Now with the rise of sneakers, they have had a new era of fame since they sell footwear from the best brands such as Nike, Puma, Adidas, On, Hoka or New Balance.

The one they have the most variety of is the first, including its famous Air Jordan sub-brand. It is famous because they have all kinds of designs from those who prefer something classic to wear for a run or even fashionable sneakers with a more futuristic style. They also have a selection of clothing with the basics for playing sports or having a casual look. They are also the owners of Champs Sports which sells similar products.

JD Sports

After several decades dominating the market in its native England, JD Sports has expanded throughout the world seeking to dominate new markets such as the United States. They have quickly become Foot Locker’s direct competition as they sell virtually the same type of products. There are dozens and dozens of different styles of sneakers and athletic shoes, with models for both exercise and casual wear.

The same thing happens in the case of clothing, since there are both sets of pants or t-shirts to wear to the gym or running, as well as casual sports t-shirts from brands such as Nike and Adidas. They have had many openings in shopping centers in the United States so if you go to a mall you are likely to find one of their modern physical stores.

Sports Brand Stores in the United States

In addition to the several multi-brand sports stores in the United States, if you are looking for something from a specific brand you can opt for the stores owned by said brands. You find it in the main shopping centers of each city, as well as on the most important avenues or in outlets. The most common stores to find are Nike, Adidas and Under Armor, which depending on the location vary in size and variety of products.

Another of the sportswear brands that has grown the most in number of stores is Lululemon, which is increasingly present in more cities. Other brands such as The North Face, Columbia, Puma, Asics or New Balance have fewer stores, so if you are looking for clothing or sports shoes from these brands, a good option is to go to the outlets.

Camping, Fishing and Hunting Supplies Stores

Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops is a fishing lover’s paradise. This is one of the sports stores in the United States with the most followers since they sell good quality products at a good price for both fishing, hunting and camping. You can buy anything from a fishing rod to a boat (in fact they have their own factory for this type of maritime transport). Even if you don’t like or don’t usually practice these types of sports, a visit to one of their stores is well worth it.

They are themed and have unusual decorations such as gigantic fish tanks or even attractions inside. And they also sell souvenirs such as caps, sweatshirts and t-shirts with the brand logo. Its largest store is located in the city of Memphis and it even has its own hotel.

It is located in a pyramid-shaped building that, before being a Bass Pro Shops store, was the headquarters of the NBA team the Grizzlies. But there’s also one in Springfield, Missouri (where they opened the first of their stores) that includes a wildlife museum/aquarium.


When it comes to quality and durability of outdoor sports products, REI is one of the favorite sports stores in the United States. They began their journey in this business in 1938 when its founders began importing climbing materials from Switzerland. Today the vast majority of their products are their own brand and are recognized for their very high quality. You may be able to find better prices at other camping, fishing, water sports or climbing products stores, but it will be difficult to find products as good quality as those from REI.

Not only are the specialized products such as kayaks, tents, snowboards or climbing boots top-notch, but also products that anyone can use are of enormous quality. We are talking about water bottles, sports clothing, jackets for the cold or swimsuits, among many other things.

Their fame has been such that in addition to selling products in their stores, they now also organize trips. You can do this at REI Adventures, which organizes trips to different parts of the United States and Canada so that its clients can discover natural wonders and also practice some sports activities.


Since 1856, Orvis has been one of the ideal places to buy products for sports such as fishing, which is its specialty. They started as a catalog sales business and in fact they are the business of this type that has been open the longest in the country. As we said, products for fishing predominate, so here you can buy rods, reels, specialized clothing, bait and absolutely everything you need for this. They also sell clothes that you can use to go climbing or hunting or simply to wear at home since there are quite nice models.

They also sell various things that have nothing to do with this type of activity and which makes it interesting to visit one of the Orvis stores. For example, they sell kitchen accessories, blankets for the cold, decorative items, pet products, books and even toys.

Official Sports Equipment Product Stores

Locker Room by Lids

Lids is one of the most famous stores to buy caps for both sports teams and casual styles. They have thousands of stores throughout the country where you can even customize them to your liking. But in some shopping centers they have another concept called Locker Room.

This not only sells caps, but most of the products it has for sale are the official t-shirts or jerseys of the teams. Also casual t-shirts, sweatshirts and more. They have a wide variety of products, both local teams and the most famous American football, baseball, basketball and soccer leagues.

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Rally House

Another of the most prominent sports equipment stores in the United States is Rally House. They have a large selection of clothing and other products from both professional teams and colleges. Although in this case they specialize in products from local teams and not so much from the entire league. But they do have many exclusive items and everything you may need to support your favorite team from the official t-shirt, sweatshirts and other clothing to mugs, glasses, flags and posters.

They are a regional store so they are only available in certain cities such as Cincinnati, Kansas City, Phoenix, Dallas, Philadelphia and other cities in the northeastern United States, although they ship nationwide from their website.

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