10 Textile Companies in Central America 2024

As importers, it is always essential to look for suppliers and textile companies that offer the best prices (that is, low prices) when purchasing merchandise to bring from another country.

Depending on the industry or type of product, it is possible to find it in many countries in Asia or Latin America, where labor is among the “cheapest” in the world.

That is why the search for a good supplier is always a tireless and permanent exploration; Low prices and quality products are the perfect combination for importing.

10 Textile Companies in Central America

However, it is essential to find serious manufacturers and suppliers that maintain a good reputation and provide trust. This is the case when importing textiles from Central America, especially.

Being a small region and with most of the nations that make up the area having a level of development below the average, the search for textile companies that maintain quality products at low prices is more complex due to the little knowledge in general about the Central American countries and the development of their products.

In addition, the territorial extension and the amount of population compared to a single country in Asia is minimal, which makes finding a good supplier in that market a complicated mission.

Complementing the above, it must be taken into account which industries the region specializes in, since it will not be possible to find a large portfolio of products to import, depending on the sector.

Therefore, it is essential to know the most important companies in Central America in the textile industry to learn more about their products, quality and establish a potential business relationship.

Textile industry in Central America

Although it is true that in Europe and Asia there are a large number of countries with high levels of competitiveness in the textile industry, and that they are leaders in occupying the first places globally within the field, in Central America it is also possible to find textile companies with Quality Products.

And the investments have arrived in several of the countries in this region, developing the industry and giving competitiveness to an international dimension.

The Latin American countries with the highest exports in the textile sector are listed below :

  1. Mexico l 33%
  2. El Salvador l 12%
  3. Brazil l 12%
  4. Guatemala l 8%
  5. Nicaragua l 8%

3 countries in the Central American region have a place among the top 5 positions as the largest exporters, with textile companies having a market share of almost 30% in exports between El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua.

The vast majority of exports of these products are sent to the United States, which is a large customer for this market in the area.

Among the main textile products manufactured and exported by Central America are:

  1. Knitted clothing and clothing accessories
  2. Garments and clothing accessories, except knitted

In the category of knitted clothing accessories, the following stand out:

  1. El Salvador  l 26% of exports in knitted t-shirts, sweaters and socks.
  2. Mexico  l 22% of exports in sweaters, knitted T-shirts and pants.
  3. Guatemala  l 15% of exports in shirts, blouses and t-shirts.

In the category of clothing accessories items except knitwear, the following stand out:

  1. Mexico  l 55% of pants exports
  2. Nicaragua  l 11% of exports in pants and bras
  3. El Salvador  l 7% of exports in bras and pants.

The 10 best textile companies in Central America

The following list includes only some of the most famous and important textile companies in the Central American region, however, they are not listed in any order.

Textile irises

It is an industrial group in the textile sector, which began operations in 1956.

Some of the products they make are: kitchen towels, blankets, aprons, etc. Likewise, they make products for babies, home kitchens, home dining rooms, home bedrooms, ecological, etc.


Cantel is a company with more than 100 years of experience in the textile industry. The company was founded in 1874 in the municipality of Cantel, Quetzaltenango and was the first textile factory in Guatemala.

Cantel was established in an area with a workforce that possesses ancient knowledge in weaving and yarns and since then it has been able to be present in Guatemalan homes by offering textile products of the highest quality.

Pacific Warehouse

A Guatemalan company that has 38 years of experience in the manufacturing of all types of fabrics and other textiles for residences, hotels, auditoriums, restaurants, hospitals, churches and municipal halls.

Hassan Tex

The Nicaraguan brand, which dates back to 1971, markets its fabrics under the prestigious brands Sincatex and Cavalier, which are ideal for making everyday garments (school and business uniforms) and clothing for formal and casual use.

Super textiles

One of the most solid textile distribution companies that currently exist in the Guatemalan market.

Artex 2000

Born 50 years ago in the textile industry, Artex is a company dedicated to the manufacturing of a wide variety of canvas, textile and leather items.


One of the most important textile suppliers of products and services within the regional textile market, exporting to the United States and Latin America.


It is a Honduran company that began operations in 1984 and aims to establish an integrated textile center in Honduras, which offers high quality products for national and international markets.

Faxel Textile

Faxel Textiles (Industria Textil SA), based in Guatemala City (CAFTA region), has specialized in the successful production of high-quality sustainable products and solutions in the global textile market for more than 40 years.

Since 1976, Faxel Textiles has expanded its market presence to Central America, the Caribbean and the United States.

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Jessica Industries

A leading company in El Salvador dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of highly specialized textiles.

Central America is a region to which it is advisable to pay attention in its industries, since it is possible to find products with similar quality to those of Asia in the textile sector.

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