The 10 Agritech Companies in Nigeria [2024 Updated]

In this article, we will discuss the top 10 Agritech companies in Nigeria. The agriculture sector is one of the largest industries in Nigeria, with revenue of more than four hundred billion Naira. The agritech industry has huge potential to grow and become even more profitable in the years to come.

As technology advances the opportunities for you to invest digitally in agriculture and earn from a variety of agritech companies that will serve this sector also increases.

The 10 Agritech Companies in Nigeria

In this article, we will discuss the leading 10 Agritech Companies in Nigeria that is uniquely positioned for you to invest digitally no matter your location.

What Is Agritech?

Agritech is the fusion of agriculture and technology. It is the integration of technology to enhance agricultural productivity, effectiveness, and profitability.

Agritech entails pitching investors, modifying and achieving fast planting, and enhancing the market for agricultural supplies. It also involves the integration of robotics and AI to address pressing agricultural issues, such as environmental and harvesting issues.

The agritech sector is quickly developing into an opportunity to guarantee the nation’s food security. With the aid of agritech companies in Nigeria, farmers are able to acquire loans and pitch to investors.

Top 10 Agritech Companies in Nigeria

The following are some of the best agritech companies in Nigeria:


Farmcrowdy is the first, among other agritech companies in Nigeria. Farmcrowdy aims to link farm investors with actual farmers. It employs a profit-sharing model, distributing post-harvest revenues among farm sponsors, farmers, and itself while keeping 20% of those profits for itself.

Farmcrowdy provides a simple method for mobile users to access and support agricultural productivity. When a farm becomes available for sponsorship, you will be alerted via the mobile app, and you can earn money while supporting a farmer.

You can keep tabs on your farm with the Farmcrowdy app, which you can download from the Google Play and Apple stores. It provides image, text, and video updates. The minimum investment with Farmcrowdy is ₦20,000. Farmcrowdy also has its offices located in Lagos State and Abuja.


Farm4me is one of the agritech companies in Nigeria with the quickest growth. Farm4Me is Nigeria’s biggest provider of contract farming, trucking, warehousing, export as well as agricultural equipment rentals services.

Investments in Farm4Me have generated profits that have been used to construct thousands of warehouses, trucks, tractors, and other types of agricultural machinery. Farm4Me allows you to invest from anywhere in the world.

You can invest through their mobile and online applications integrated with digital wallet technologies to offer a seamless transaction experience. 


Groupfarma is one of the best Nigerian agricultural schemes where you can invest. Investing with Groupfarma earns you a lot of profits. Your investment helps farmers increase their output, strengthen local communities, and safeguard the future while also helping you make more money.

Since its foundation, Groupfarma has worked with more than over 40,000 farmers and farmed more than 30,000 hectares of land. On Groupfarma, you can sponsor a variety of agricultural products, including ginger, chicken, maize, fish, rice, and soybeans.

The lowest contribution you can make, based on the products you sponsor, is ₦50,000 with a minimum return on investment of 12%., You can earn up to 28% of your investment with Groupfarma. Groupfarma is among the 10 agritech companies in Nigeria with offices located in Lagos and Ibadan. They also have farms in Oyo, Ogun, and Kaduna states.

Thrive Agric 

Thrive Agric is passionate about maintaining food security worldwide. Their main goal is to use technology to advance agriculture. They are working to create an Africa that feeds both its people and the rest of the world.

In order to develop relationships with farmers and involve them in modern approaches to increase yield, Thrive Agric has placed professional extension workers on all of their farms.

Over 150,000 acres of land have been farmed thanks to the cooperation of over 19,000 farmers and Thrive Agric. Their ROI varies between 6% and 25% over a predetermined period of time. Their corporate office is in Abuja, Nigeria.


Ezfarming has empowered hundreds of farmers. Ezfarming also provides internship opportunities in order to empower young people and encourage them to seek professions in commercial agriculture. 

Ezfarming sells a variety of agricultural products, including poultry, peanuts, corn, goats, and farm machinery. You can deposit a conservative estimate of ₦41,000 with a 15% return on investment. The lowest return on their investment in farm equipment is 7% after a 36-month period.


The next agritech startup in which you can invest is called Farmkart. Farmkart was established in December 2015 to help you with your farming investments. It was started to help farmers and increase food production as well as allow sponsors to profit digitally. 

The Farmkart website offers investments in two farm products: fish and poultry. Their investment period ranges from six to twelve months, with a 14% guaranteed return on capital. Farmkart has its farm located in Otta, Ogun State, and its offices in Ogba.


Piggyvest (formerly known as is the most popular online savings and investing platform in Nigeria. Piggyest is considered among the top agritech companies in Nigeria and provides investors with financial opportunities to engage in Nigerian agriculture and animals.

Piggyest has the lowest minimum investment amount of ₦3,000 with returns of up to 25%. Interest is paid either monthly, quarterly, or annually, based on the type of investment. While most of these investments are from outside sources, PiggyVest conducts verification prior to approval.


Payfarmer is one of the successful agritech companies in Nigeria where you can invest your money. You can invest your money in a range of agricultural produce at Payfarmer, including poultry, yams, catfish, pepper, and more.

With Payfarmer, you can get an ROI of up to 34%. However, the bare minimum investment is ₦25 000 with a five-month ROI of 12%. Their corporate headquarters is located at Epe.


Farmsponsor is one of the most important agritech companies in Nigeria. Farmsponsor is leveraging technology to include everyone in achieving its goal of ensuring food security in Africa. Farmsponsor allows a medium-term investment of ₦1,000,000  for five years.

The only agricultural product you may invest in is chicken, which has a minimum investment requirement of ₦100,000 and offers a three-month return rate of 15%. Farmsponsor has its headquarters located in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.


FlexTree Limited pioneered a novel and new approach to securing a living through agriculture, and since then, they have worked to make farming easier for farmers as well as to make investing simpler and more convenient for investors.

Flextree provides a wide range of services that are specifically designed to address the majority of issues that arise during the agricultural process.

With Flextree you can own a farm and let their experts take care of it. You can get a plot of land for ₦400,000 and employ their services. Flextree offices are located in Lagos, Abeokuta, Oyo, and Abuja. 

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If you are searching for an agricultural organization in Nigeria that will assist you in earning from digital investments, these Top 10 Agritech Companies in Nigeria are sure to make you enjoy your profits. 

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