Countries You Can Save the Most with a Working Holiday Visa

One of the most common questions that many think about when choosing a destination to travel to with a Working Holiday visa is how much they can save in a certain country, either to continue traveling and traveling to other places or simply to to be able to have some more capital in the future.

That is why in this article we decided to make a comparison between the main Working Holiday destinations and tell you which countries save the most money, taking into account the average salaries and costs of living of each one.

But first, don’t miss this video where Berna tells which countries have the best level of savings:


We begin our tour with Australia. The Working Holiday Australia visa is one of the most requested with 4,420 places available. Since July 1, 2023, according to the  Fair Work Commission, which is the Labor Relations Tribunal that reports to the Australian Government, the minimum wage is set at AUD 23.23 (USD 15.21) per hour, although it is usually earned between AUD 25 (USD 16) and AUD 30 (USD 20). Taking into account the cost of living and the average number of hours a person works, we calculate this:

  • Average monthly income: AUD 4080 (USD 2,671).
  • Average monthly expenditure: AUD 1640 (USD 1,074).

So, the average savings taking into account the income and expenses of those who work in the country is: Monthly savings in Australia AUD 2,440 (USD 1,598)

New Zealand

It’s time to mention one of our’ favorite destinations, New Zealand! one of the most chosen destinations for those who want to live the Working Holiday visa experience without a doubt.

The official minimum wage designated for 2023 is NZD 22.70  (USD 13.83).

  • Average monthly income: NZD 3,640 (USD 2,218).
  • Average monthly spend: NZD 1,688 (USD 1,029).

IMPORTANT: From April 24, the minimum wage for specific positions in the tourism and hospitality sectors will increase to NZD 28.18 (USD 17.17). You can see all the details on the New Zealand Immigration website.

If we take average monthly salaries and expenses as a reference, we estimate savings of:
Monthly savings in New Zealand NZD 1952 (USD 1,190).


We are going from Ireland to Denmark. Currently, the Denmark Working Holiday visa also has unlimited spaces.

Regarding the minimum hourly wage in this country, it is worth mentioning that there is no official one! However, on average one would be around DKK 90 (USD 13). Now let’s see how much an average monthly income and expense can be. Anyway, we are going to base it on a higher salary because in practice you usually get higher incomes, around DKK 14000 (USD 2,025)

  • Average monthly income: DKK 14000 (USD 2,025).
  • Average monthly expense: DKK 6,810 (USD 985).

Whoever dares to live their experience of traveling and working in this country will be able to save approximately: Monthly savings in Denmark DKK 7190 (USD 1,040).


We moved to northern Europe and came across Norway. The Norwegian Working Holiday has limited spaces, there are 300 visas that are renewed every year.

Although it is a country well known for being expensive, what many do not know is that it is also a destination where you can save a lotIt is considered one of the European countries where people save the most.

The minimum amount that is usually charged per hour is around NOK 176.80 (USD 16.11), an amount from which taxes must be deducted, which are around 25% and 30%.

This means that they would have about NOK 120.76 (USD 11.00) left in their pocket. If we multiply this value by 37.5 hours, it gives us a salary of NOK 18114 (USD 1,650) per month.

Furthermore, based on the experience of many who live or lived in Norway with their Working Holiday visa, we know that:

  • Average monthly income: NOK 18114 (USD 1,650).
  • Average monthly spend: NOK 7,870 (USD 717).

Taking these numbers into account, we calculate that on average a person with a visa in Norway can save:
Monthly savings in Norway NOK 10244 (USD 933).


Coming to the end of our tour of various destinations with which you can travel with Working Holiday visas, we find Holland. The Working Holiday Netherlands offers 100 places and they tend to sell out very quickly. However, for those lucky ones who managed to obtain their visa, it will be useful to know how much they will save in relation to average income and expenses:

  • Average monthly income in the Netherlands: EUR 1,893 (USD 2,041).
  • Netherlands average monthly spending: EUR 1,130 (USD 1,219). 

On average, someone working in the Netherlands would be talking about: Monthly savings in Holland EUR 763 (USD 823).

Obviously, this can be more depending on the hours and personal expenses you have.


Let’s go with another of the favorite destinations for many surfers, Germany! The Working Holiday Germany has unlimited spaces, which is one of the reasons why they chose this destination.

Currently, the minimum salary per month is EUR 1,480 (USD 1,596) in hand.

In terms of income and expenses, these are the data we analyze:

  • Average monthly income Germany: EUR 1,480 (USD 1,596).
  • Average monthly spending Germany: EUR 780 (USD 841).

So, the monthly savings that someone could have during their visa would be approximately:
Monthly savings in Germany EUR 700 (USD 755).


Regarding France, we have many experiences in this country with the Working Holiday France (VVT), and who wouldn’t like to spend a year in Paris or on the Côte d’Azur?

The current minimum wage in France is EUR 1,709 per month (USD 1,843)  gross per month, 23% corresponding to taxes must be deducted from that amount. In this case, we will take into account an average salary of EUR 1500 (USD 1,843).

Let’s now see how much the average monthly income and cost is taking into account the taxes that apply:

  • Average monthly income in France: EUR 1,500 (USD 1,618).
  • Average monthly spending France: EUR 815 (USD 879).

Taking this data into account, what a you could save monthly is: Monthly savings in France EUR 685 (USD 739).


Canada is another destination with a good level of savings and quality of life, which is why we include it in this list.

Since June 2022, the established minimum wage is  CAD 15.65 (USD 11.45)  per hour, according to what the  British Columbia government reports.

Working 40 hours a week they will receive a salary of  CAD 2,504 (USD 1,842) per month, which with the corresponding tax discounts would be CAD 2,134 (USD 1,570).

  • Average monthly income: CAD 2134 (USD 1,570).
  • Average monthly expense: CAD 1,500 (USD 1,103).

With these data on average, we would be talking about a saving of: Monthly savings in Canada CAD 634 (USD 684).


Let’s go with Ireland! The Working Holiday Ireland has 200 annual places, which, like almost all other visas with limited places, usually sell out in a matter of minutes.

Let’s start by mentioning the minimum wage before mentioning average costs and income. In 2023, the national minimum wage in Ireland was set at EUR 1808 (USD 1,950) per month and EUR 11.30 (USD 12.19) per hour.

However, you usually earn more than the minimum, approximately EUR 13 (USD 14) per hour which would give a monthly total of EUR 2080 (USD 2,243)

Keep in mind if you earn up to EUR 40,000 (USD 43,137) gross annually, you will receive a tax deduction of up to 20% maximum.

So, if we take as an average a salary of EUR 2080 (USD 2,243) and subtract 20% taxes, we would have a net salary of EUR 1664 (USD 1,795).

  • Average monthly income: EUR 1664 (USD 1,795).
  • Average monthly expense: EUR 1,100 (USD 1,186).

With these data on average, we would be talking about a saving of: Monthly savings in Ireland EUR 564 (USD 608).


We continue with Japan! The Japan Working Holiday offers 400 places for all those who want to apply. On average a YoMeAnimer can earn between ¥800  (USD 5)  and  ¥1500 (USD 10) per hour.

  • Average monthly income: ¥168,000 (USD 1,152).
  • Average monthly expenditure: ¥94,400 (USD 647).

So, if we take the above into consideration, the average savings they could have in Japan would be:
Monthly savings in Japan JPY 73600 (USD 505).


We move to northern Europe and it is our turn to talk to you about Sweden. The Working Holiday Sweden has unlimited places, making it a very attractive destination!

But will you be able to save a lot during the visa period? Let’s start by talking about the minimum hourly wage, which is around SEK 17,000 (USD 1,626). With this in mind, these are the other data we take into consideration.

  • Average monthly income: SEK 17000 (USD 1,626).
  • Average monthly expense: SEK 11,730 (USD 1,122).

As you can see, an average person who is living their Working Holiday experience will be able to save approximately during their visa period: Monthly savings in Sweden SEK 5,270 (USD 504).

So, the country where you can save the most is…


With all the information presented, we can conclude that the destination where you save the most by working with a Working Holiday visa is Australia! Followed closely by New Zealand and then Denmark.

In addition to its beautiful landscapes, the number of available places it has, and being able to extend it for up to 3 years, Australia is also the country where you can save the most money with a Working Holiday visa!

We clarify that the money mentioned as savings is an estimate and calculated based on the average income and expenses of people living in each country. The amounts may vary depending on the city where they live, the work they do and the lifestyle they obviously maintain. But this can help give you a general idea between various destinations.

We leave you this table where we include almost all the Working Holiday destinations available so you can have an estimated general overview.

CountryAverage incomeMonthly CostsAverage Savings
AUSTRALIAUSD 2,671USD 1,074USD 1,598
NEW ZEALANDUSD 1,370USD 1,029USD 1,190
DENMARKUSD 2,025US$985USD 1,040
FRANCEUSD 1,618US$879US$739
IRELANDUSD 1,795USD 1,186US$608
JAPANUSD 1,152US$647US$505
SWEDENUSD 1,626USD 1,122USD504
CANADAUSD 1,570USD 1,103USD 466
SPAINUSD 1,186US$755USD 431
KOREAUS$795US$686USD 110

Andorra is NOT a Working Holiday destination but it is a popular destination to work with a seasonal visa.

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This was a summary for all those who are planning to obtain a Working Holiday visa and have not yet defined their destination. For those who are already in the countries experiencing the experience and want to leave us your comment, you can do so below the article!

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