10 Best Toy Stores in the United States

Have fun at the best toy stores in the United States that offer wonderful and entertaining products for all ages

Whether you’re 2 years old or 80, visiting a toy store is something very special. Whether you’re amazed by new creations or see toys that remind you of your childhood, these stores are pretty special and fun. Although you can now buy toys for all ages and tastes in supermarkets or on Amazon, there are many toy stores in the USA that will amaze you. And the experience of seeing something on a screen will never compare to exploring all the options that a physical toy store has.

10 Best Toy Stores in the United States

That is why we have made this list with some of the best toy stores in the United States, including huge stores of big famous brands, small or specialized toy stores so you can visit them and have a great time.

Toy stores in the United States that are worth visiting


CAMP is not a traditional toy store, but takes it to another level entirely. They not only want to sell toys and more but also provide a special experience to all families who visit their toy stores in the United States. There are toys for both babies and items that adults can enjoy. And they are not the ones you find in a supermarket since there are very original things with which children can learn as well as have fun. They also have spaces for parties, classes and a play area.

Another very interesting thing that CAMP has in its stores are its special events. These are quite fun and include themed experiences (with extra cost) of Bluey, Disney princesses and others where children can meet the characters, take photos and do activities based on the series or movies. It currently has locations in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Boston, Atlanta and Norwalk.

American Girl

If you have a daughter, niece or sister who likes dolls, there is a store that will fascinate them. It’s called American Girl and in it you can choose your own doll and dress it as you like. All dolls have a story behind them that tells their personality and who they are inspired by. They also sell accessories of all kinds so that the dolls can be completely personalized by their owners.

They are not very cheap, but for their quality and history they are completely worth it. The shops are huge and several of them have their own restaurant and cafe so you can continue the fun.

FAO Schwarz

Several of the best toy stores in the United States are in New York City, the most famous of which is FAO Schwarz. It has a long history of selling toys dating back more than 160 years. They have changed locations (and owners) several times but the spirit remains the same. They are currently located in the famous Rockefeller Plaza, being a must if you visit NYC. They have an impressive number of toys for sale, both from specialized companies and their own brand.

They also offer several experiences so you can personalize Barbie dolls, stuffed animals, racing cars or you can “adopt” a toy baby. It is not for nothing that this renowned toy store in the USA has served as a location for several films.

These include Big with Tom Hanks (where his characteristic giant piano appears) or The Smurfs, in addition to having served as inspiration for the fictional Duncan toy store in Home Alone 2. But they also have other locations in Beijing or Dublin, as well of presence in famous department stores such as Selfridges in London.

Toys R Us

For many years Toys R Us was the number 1 among toy stores in the United States. They had hundreds of stores throughout the country and were the favorites of thousands of children. But in 2018 they announced their bankruptcy and the closure of all their units due to low sales and the large debt they accumulated.

After a few years and with the sale of the rights to the Toys R Us brand, it is back in the USA (they have a presence in several other European countries, in addition to Canada and Mexico).

They have changed a lot and so far they have only opened one flagship store in the American Dream shopping center in New Jersey. It is really great since it is very large and they have interactive areas where children and adults can try various types of toys and see all the new features.

But in addition to this store (and others that plan to open in the following months), Toys R Us has a presence in one of the most famous department stores in the United States : Macy’s.

Playthings Etc.

It will be very rare to find toy stores in the United States with more peculiar facades than Playthings Etc. You will think that it is anything except a store of this type, and at first glance it looks like a giant spaceship in the middle of Butler, Pennsylvania. But inside it changes completely and it is a fairly large store with more than 7,000 toys for sale.

Something very cool that the owners of Playthings Etc offer is that there are many toys outside of their packaging so that children can try and then be purchased. Not only are there toys but it is a hobby store so they sell kits to build cars, remote control cars, board games and more.


It has not been for nothing that LARK Toys appears in many lists of not only the best toy stores in the United States, but all over the world.

Frankly, it is a dream come true for both little ones and kids at heart. It has so many special details that definitely if you visit it, it will be an unforgettable day. First of all, it has a great selection of merchandise, including Lego, Barbie and other toys, books and curiosities, but what stands out above all is its wooden toys, handmade in its workshop.

But it’s not just another toy store. There are many other things that set it apart and make many people visit the town of Kellog, Minnesota. For example, in its facilities there is a mini museum with toys from other times that adults will love. You can also do various activities in this store such as playing mini golf, riding the carousel (hand-carved), buying candy, having a coffee or even petting llamas.

Lego Store

Although you can find their products in specialized stores, department stores or supermarkets, the best experience when buying Lego is in their own stores. There are dozens of these toy stores in the United States in major shopping centers and it’s no wonder they are always full. What differentiates them from other points of sale of the brand is, first of all, the variety of sets since there are many exclusive ones.

But there are also huge figures made of brand blocks on display (and where you can take photos) in addition to seeing how the assembled sets look. And even in several of these stores you can make your own Lego figure.


If you are going to visit the incredible city of San Diego, California, you should know which is the most recognized toy store in the city. Its name is Geppetto’s (taking the name of the toy maker from the movie Pinocchio) and it has been the favorite of several generations of children and not so children for more than 40 years.

It is very popular because it has both current toys from big brands, as well as traditional ones, for doing activities at home, or quite a few curious ones that are not so easy to get. And there is so much that both children and adults will be drawn to many things.

It is not difficult to find their stores since they have a presence in the most popular shopping centers in San Diego in addition to having a space on the island of Coronado.

World of Disney

Although Disney’s official stores have mostly closed (only a few outlets remain), their larger stores still remain. They are the ones located in the commercial areas of their theme parks and have the name World of Disney.

Their size is gigantic and they can be considered one of the best toy stores in the United States since there are thousands of things. They have a selection of stuffed animals of all possible sizes and of the company’s most famous characters.

And there is not only that since you can also find trains, baby toys, collectibles, board games and clothing. But in addition to the stores in Anaheim and Orlando, you can also visit the one in New York (in Times Square) which, although it doesn’t have as many things, is quite large and worth it.

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Charles Ro Supply Co.

If you or someone in your family is a fan of model trains, you have to make a stop in Massachusetts. And specifically in the city of Malden (north of Boston) you can go to the wonderful Charles Ro Supply Co. store. It is the largest store specialized in this product in the entire country.

You will be amazed by all the types of trains they sell, as well as rails and accessories of all kinds to start or increase a collection. And the best thing is that they have several amazing displays that make this store very worth visiting. If you plan to visit it, it is important to know that they are only open from Monday to Friday, but you can order from their website from anywhere in the country.

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