Abigail Johnson Net Worth And Biography 2022 [Career & Facts]

Abigail Johnson is a renowned American billionaire businesswoman and based on popular demand we have Abigail Johnson net worth and biography published. Since 2014, Johnson occupies the position of chief executive officer of the American investment firm Fidelity Investments, as well as the chairman of Fidelity International.

Also, she was named by Forbes in 2016, as The Richest Person in America’s 50 Largest Cities. Journey with us and learn all that you need to know about this business tycoon.

Abigail Johnson Net Worth And Biography [Career & Facts]

The best you know about Abigail Johnson may be shrouded around her successful business career. But how well do you know her personal life, and other information that will give you a peek into her personality.

For starters, glance through the highlight of her biography below.

Abigail Johnson Profile

Full Name:Abigail Pierrepont Johnson
Birth Date:December 19, 1961
Age:60 Years
Birth Place:Boston, Massachusetts
Status:Married in 1988
Spouse:Christopher McKown
Children:Yes (1)
Net Worth:$22.4 Billion

Abigail Johnson was born on the 19th day of 1961 in Boston Massachusetts to Edward C. (Ned) Johnson III (father), an investment-services company executive, and Elizabeth Johnson (mother).

For her education, Johnson went to Cambridge, MA private school Buckingham Browne and Nichols. She furthered her education in Hobart and William Smith College graduating in 1984 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in art history. Later on, she attended Harvard University Business School and graduated in 1988 with an M.B.A qualification.

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Her later educational attainment was after she worked as a consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton, where she met her husband.


Johnson oversees the employer services division of Fidelity Investments, the Boston-based financial firm founded by her grandfather. However, she did not suddenly fill the position but took time and processes before she assumed the position.

Johnson’s first job at the company began soon after she completed her high school education in 1980. Her job was answering phones in its customer-service department. Upon her graduation from Harvard Business School in 1988, she joined the family business permanently as a lowly stock analyst that same year. Interestingly, she was assigned to the Select Industrial Equipment Fund, and was eventually promoted to portfolio manager.

Going further, in 1994, Johnson became an associate director of the company, and a year later, she became the largest shareholder because her father divested himself of major voting shares, handing them over to FMR, the parent company where Johnson works. Soon afterwards, she was promoted to the position of Senior Vice President.

In 2001, Johnson got a promotion to become President of Fidelity Asset Management, making her the number three at the company, that’s after her father and Robert L. Reynolds, the chief operating officer. Her performance was exceptional and she was instrumental in several achievements the company made.

In 2005, Johnson was named Head of Retail, Workplace, and Institutional Business, and in 2012, she became president of Fidelity’s Employer Services Company, which provides services such as retirement, benefit, and human resources services to companies. In 2014, she became Chief Executive Officer, and in 2016 she became chairman of Fidelity Investments.

Johnson welcomed cryptocurrencies and in 2018 she introduced an investment at Fidelity that makes it possible for institutional investors can trade bitcoin and ethereum.

Abigail Johnson Net Worth 2021

Abigail Johnson Net Worth is quite intimidating and it is estimated as of this moment at $22.4 billion making her one of the wealthiest women in the world. Her net worth comes from her business career serving as the chairman and CEO of Fidelity investment as well as Fidelity International.

She holds an estimated 24.5% stake in the firm reported to have an estimated worth of $2.7 trillion in the form of managed assets.

In addition, she is a prominent member committee of Capital Markets Regulation.

Personal Life

Abigail Johnson’s personal life is streamlined, must have been because of her ambition to be a successful career woman. As such, there are no many episodes of falling in and out of several relationships.

From what we gathered, Abigail Johnson is happily married to Christopher John McKown, the co-founder, and CEO of Lora Health, LLC. The company is a reputable service provider in the healthcare information sector. The couple tied the knot in 1988. Also, the couple is blessed with a child, daughter Julia McKown.

Awards and Achievements

Fitting into Abigail Johnson’s shoes of success is not easy and it’s one that requires dangerous commitment and consistency with a knack to succeed. Johnson has been able to set a standard and become a pacesetter in the business world through several brow-raising achievements.

Presently, she is a member of a Committee related to Capital Markets Regulation. Likewise, she is a board member of the Securities Industry & Financial Markets Association (SIFMA). Not forgetting to mention that she is the first woman and only the only female to serve on the board of the Financial Services Forum.

For these and many more accomplishments, Johnson has been ranked as one of the most powerful women across the globe.

Abigail Johnson House

Abigail Johnson who is the president of Fidelity investment has her house in Milton, MA USA. The house is one of the luxurious houses in the world, it comes with all manner of humor and ecstasy to say.

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There is no doubt that Johnson is an inspiring woman who has led the industry through her new thoughts and bold decisions. From what we’ve discussed so far, it is glaring that Johnson became this successful because she is a smart, bold decision-maker, and a risk-taker. Her innovative ideas and mentoring capabilities have helped her attain success beyond limits and taking her family’s legacy to a whole new level with the company worth reaching over $2 trillion.

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