The 12 Youngest Presidents In The World [2023 Ranking]

This list features the youngest presidents in the world including the youngest prime minister and political leaders as the name used in different countries varies. The arrival of Rishi Sunak at 10 Downing Street places one of the youngest prime ministers in the country’s history at the center of British power and that has led us to wonder who are the youngest presidents in the world.

Politics is no longer a thing for adults, but more and more young people reach the top. It is the formula that the parties have to empathize with young voters, who are increasingly numerous in some countries.

A way of doing innovative politics that responds to the needs of a population fed up with the succession of crises that we have been experiencing for more than a decade.

The 12 Youngest Presidents In The World - Ranking

Not all of them are included in this ranking of Influencers, but there is a good sample of young politicians who have become Prime Ministers.

Ranking: 12 Youngest Presidents In The World

1. Sebastian Kurz

Born in Vienna in 1986, he became the Austrian chancellor in 2017, at just 30 years old. In fact, he turned 31 at the BKA, the headquarters of the country’s Foreign Ministry. Kurz left office in 2019 and returned almost a year later, in 2020. A year ago he once again completed his time at the highest echelon of power in Austria and today ranked among the youngest presidents in the world.

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2. Taavi Rõivas

This Estonian, born in Tallinn in 1979 (so, formally, he was in the Soviet Union), became the Prime Minister of Estonia in 2014. He was 34 years old, so he is one of the youngest on the political scene and, of course, in this ranking. He had previously been a minister in this young country of just 1.3 million inhabitants but considered one of the most digitized on the planet.

3. Sanna Marin

Born in Helsinki in 1986, she is the current Prime Minister of Finland. She took office in 2019, at the age of 34. She now, she pilots her country in full tension with Russia, with whom Finland shares more than 1,300 kilometers of the border. The instability in eastern Europe has led Sanna to break the country’s traditional neutrality and request her accession to NATO, a process that is practically closed, in the absence of two countries ratifying her entry.

4. Oleksiy Honcharuk

Born in Zhmérynka, a city located to the west of Ukraine and north of Moldova, when it was still part of the Soviet Union (in 1984), this Ukrainian politician has been prime minister between 2019 and 2020. He came to office at the age of 35 after being appointed by Volodimir Zelensky to a position that made him one of the world’s youngest presidents. Now, his country is going through its worst moments, although he is not in charge of the Government.

5. Najib Bukele

The controversial president of El Salvador was born in the country’s capital, San Salvador, in 1981. He was 37 years old and assumed the presidency of the Republic of El Salvador, a position he still holds today. His youth has made him a mass phenomenon since he has imbued his politics with a new style of communication. In fact, he has even made Bitcoin an official currency in the country, aiming to digitize his country’s finances like no other country in the world.

6. Jacinda Ardern

Born in the city of Hamilton in 1980, she has been the Prime Minister of New Zealand since 2017. That is, she came to office at the age of 37. As we can see, it is a fairly frequent age to hold positions of such responsibility at the head of very powerful countries, as is the case. In addition, and in particular, Jacinda Ardern is considered one of the most pragmatic and effective politicians in the world, and has been an example of management during the pandemic.

7. Leo Varadkar

This Dublin doctor, born in 1979, holds the record for the youngest Taoiseach in his country’s history. Behind this word is the head of the government of the Republic of Ireland, which he arrived at in 2017 at just 38 years of age. In June 2020 he terminated his position, although he is currently deputy prime minister (Tánaiste).

8. Carlos Alvarado

He was born in Pavas in 1980 and became president of the Republic of Costa Rica in 2018, at just 38 years old. A few months ago he completed his position, in a country where he has also been a minister… since 2014. That is why he is one of the politicians who, before the age of 40, has already achieved (almost) everything in politics. Meteoric careers that inspire millions of young people, but that also bring out the colors of those who have done little with several more decades behind them.

9. Emmanuel Macron

Macron is probably the best known in the ranking. And it is that the current president of the French Republic, born in Amiens in 1977, came to office in 2017, at the age of 39. He broke the record for the youngest in office, surpassing even Napoleon himself, who reached the pinnacle of French power at the age of 40. Macron is today one of the most charismatic political leaders and has just revalidated his position at the polls.

10. Joseph Muscat

Born in Pietà in 1974, he was Prime Minister of Malta between 2013 and 2020, which establishes this politician as one of the youngest in the world. In fact, he reached the position with 39 years. Two years ago he resigned from his position due to the repercussions in Malta of the murder with a sticky bomb of a journalist who was investigating alleged cases of corruption in the country’s government. Muscat himself has worked as a journalist in several local media, including a radio station and digital press.

11. Xavier Espot

Born in Escaldes-Engordany in 1979, he has been President of the Government of Andorra since 2019. He took office at the age of 39, becoming one of the youngest Prime Ministers in Europe. This lawyer, trained in Spain, has followed a path similar to that of almost all the other protagonists in this ranking: before reaching the top position in his country, he went through other important ones. And it is that the political career begins earlier every time, which allows these thirty-somethings to reach the top after having hardened in ministries and portfolios of great importance, in many cases. A very valuable experience to contribute at the head of government.

12. Rishi Sunak

Born in Southampton in 1980, he has become, at 42, one of the youngest British prime ministers in history. And, of course, in the youngest to reach the top in recent decades. Others are added to these milestones. Sunak is the first minority politician to reach Downing Street. He is of Indian origin and professes Hinduism.

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In addition, he is a billionaire, with a fortune that, together with his wife’s, is estimated at around 800 million euros. They surpass that of King Carlos III, who has inaugurated his own position with this unexpected change of government.

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