The 10 Ugliest Cities In The World

The following list of the 10 ugliest cities in the world is based on the current ranking published by top-ranking platforms. It contains cities from all over the planet that for different reasons do not pass the beauty test.

That does not mean that the mentioned cities do not also have good places to live or have a good time. Either because they are unsafe and dangerous cities or because there are piles of garbage in some of their most marginal neighborhoods.

The 10 Ugliest Cities In The World

So, you may or may not agree with the list, but what is certain is that these are cities where you will see terrible things, crazy experiences e.t.c. The ranking goes from the ugliest to the least attractive.

Top 10 Ugliest Cities In The World

10.  Guatemala City – Guatemala

This city full of smoke and crime is the capital of a beautiful country. It looks more like a slum than a capital city, with most of the buildings on the brink of collapse.

9. Caracas-Venezuela

Venezuela is known for its extraordinary success in international beauty pageants and Venezuelan women are famous for their plastic surgery-enhanced bodies, but the country’s capital is no beauty at all.

Not only is it surrounded by slums, its most central districts seem to lack planning and flair.

8. Mexico City – Mexico

It is currently known as one of the most dangerous cities in the world, but even if it were a safe haven, it would still not be a very attractive city. It is one of the most polluted in the world and there is not much to look at.

7. Amman – Jordan

The capital of the country with one of the most fascinating historical sites in the world (the magical Petra) should simply be an arrival and departure point in your travel itinerary. Unless you enjoy dirty, chaotic streets and ugly buildings that seem to crumble on top of each other.

6. Luanda, Angola

It’s experiencing a spectacular boom as the capital of Africa’s recent economic success story, but hopefully the new development will create something more appealing than what we see now: ugly apartment buildings dotting the skyline of what is unbelievably the world’s most face of the world

5. Chisinau, Moldova

The capital of Moldova is an eyesore. It’s an industrial city made up mostly of very ugly Soviet-style apartment buildings, most of them decaying (and not very clean either). There are many unattractive Soviet-era cities in Eastern Europe, but we expect more than one capital.

4. Houston- United States

Houston, we have a problem: you’re ugly. This is the fourth largest city in the United States in terms of population, but the attraction isn’t scenery.

There are plenty of other ugly American cities (let’s face it, American metropolises aren’t exactly beauties: Atlanta, Cleveland…), but this one should win the title of ugliest of them all, with a large impoverished and homeless population (nearly one of every five families live below the poverty line) and an urban landscape without formal zoning regulations.

3. Detroit, USA

Here’s the ugly truth: Detroit is ugly. Not only aesthetically but also in quality of life, which explains why it lost a quarter of its population in a decade. One of the highest crime rates in the country may have contributed to that, but this is also a dirty, ramshackle city made up mostly of brick, concrete, and glass. It’s not pretty.

2.  Sao Paulo, Brazil

Nature seems to have concentrated all its efforts on Rio and completely forgot the other great Brazilian metropolis. São Paulo may be one of the most exciting cities in the world when it comes to dining and shopping, but there is no doubt that it is one big ugly concrete jungle.

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1. Los Angeles – United States

A city known for its congested roads is enough to make it unappealing, but there’s not much to see walking down the street either (if anyone really walks, this is one of the least pedestrian-friendly cities in the world).

Despite the allure of Hollywood and nearby beaches, Los Angeles just isn’t the prettiest place on Earth. As one of the most famous cities in the world, there is no excuse for the lack of beautification year after year.

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