What are the Best Medical Schools in the World? [2023 Ranking]

Do you want to study medicine abroad? Discover the 5 best medical schools in the world! When we talk about the medical course, we are also talking about a course where the structure is essential for training. 

Having good equipment, good teachers and, above all, good employment and residency opportunities are essential.

What are the Best Medical Schools in the World?

The list that lists the best medical schools in the world was prepared by the respected British research institution Quacquarelli Symonds. To arrive at the result, the following items are considered:

  • Academic reputation;
  • Reputation among employees;
  • Proportion of professors per student;
  • Citations in academic works;
  • Number of international students and faculty.

Studying at one of the best medical universities in the world will guarantee you the security of quality education, and that many doors will be opened for you, whether in the clinical or academic areas.

Other positives are the autonomy you will develop by spending so much time away from your home country.

The opportunity to learn from renowned professors, some with Nobel prizes…

In addition to the cultural enrichment when coming into contact with people from different countries.

In addition to the possibility, depending on your visa, of working abroad without the need to apply for a diploma revalidation test.

5 Best Medical Schools In The World

1. Harvard University

With a World College Ranking score of 98.6, Harvard University is a recognized center of world learning. Students and professors who had a relationship with the institution add up to 157 Nobel Prizes.

To study medicine at Harvard, the prerequisites are the same as for other courses, the applicant must take two tests of general knowledge, present a certificate of proficiency in the English language, write a brief essay about themselves, send letters of recommendation and pass through interviews.

In addition to the school history also be considered. In case of approval, which happens to about 3% of those who apply. You will choose a course called Harvard College, lasting 4 years.

The courses in this department are generic and develop the student to carry out research and write in the best way.

After these 4 years…

You will be able to choose an area of ​​specialization, in this case medicine, from there, you will be part of the institution’s medical school.

2.  University of Oxford

According to the Times Higher Education ranking, which lists the best universities in the world, Oxford is in first place, with its department of medicine being the best in Europe.

Founded in 1096, the institution is one of the most traditional in the world, lasting over the centuries and maintaining a high standard of teaching, combined with high investments in research.

The College’s Department of Medicine, part of the Division of Medical Sciences, is tasked with tackling the world’s greatest health challenges.

It integrates innovative, basic biology with cutting-edge clinical research.

Among the internationally renowned teaching programs, the ones that most stand out in the area are those of:

  • Cardiovascular sciences;
  • Diabetes and endocrinology;
  • Immunology;
  • Hematology and pathology.

If your dream is to work in England, but studying in Oxford is a distant option, a valid option is to finish your course and validate your diploma in English.

3. Stanford University

Renowned for its innovation environment, Stanford University is considered the mother of several tools that we use in our daily lives.

Companies like Google, eBay, Instagram, Netflix and brands like Nike and Tesla came out of here. However, its school dedicated to medicine is also home to advances and a reference in the training of quality professionals, which is why it guarantees its place in the list of the 5 best medical universities in the world.

4. University of Cambridge

Yet another representative of the UK, the University of Cambridge’s mission is to provide students with leadership in education, discovery and health.

In addition to guaranteeing the training of exceptional doctors. Cambridge also places great importance on students’ communication skills.

She combines a deep scientific understanding with the ability to demonstrate a caring, compassionate and professional approach to patients.

Among the institution’s main areas of medical interest are research on:

  • Cancer;
  • Cardiorespiratory medicine;
  • Infection and immunity.

5. Johns Hopkins University

Finishing our list of the 5 best medical universities in the world, we have one more American and, like the others, it also follows the pattern of occupying the first positions due to its focus on research.

The institution was founded precisely to have research as its main element, and as a result, it has achieved a world-renowned name.

In the area of ​​medicine, the university stands out for studies in the field of genetic engineering.

As in England, if studying medicine in the USA is not possible for you, there are possibilities to work in the country after graduation, the main one being to revalidate your diploma.

Mandatory English!

Unlike other countries’ standards, where we take entrance exams and are approved for the course according to our grades, the best universities in the world analyze other aspects besides numbers.

Some of them ask for an essay, in which you will introduce yourself and show how your profile is compatible with that of the institution, and others conduct interviews with candidates. That is, it is not enough to do well in the exams, you need to be a person who carries the values ​​of intuition in the social and personal scope as well.

In addition to these prerequisites…

It is extremely important to obtain a student visa for the country and pass an English language proficiency exam.

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One of them is IELTS, and without it you will not be able to enroll.

From it you will have clarity on the areas where your studies should focus so that proficiency is achieved.

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