Climax Coaches Online Booking, Fares, Routes & Contacts

Are you in need of information about Climax Coaches online booking, Climax Coaches fares, bus ticket methods, routes plied by Climax Coaches and every other detailed information about Climax Coaches? This article does justice to that, you will find everything you want concerning this transport company.

If you are the type that travels regularly or occasionally then Climax Coaches is a suitable transport company you should travel with, you must have been seeing Climax Coaches around you but the fact that you haven’t tried book a ticket and travel with them you do not know what you are missing, this is why we have taken our time to publish this article.

Kenya is a country blessed with good people and this is enough reason for investors to invest in the country, the transportation industry has been one of the driving force and major pillar of the nation’s economy and in this industry, some performs exceptionally well than others.

Although we now have most of the transport companies in Kenya competing to be the best and they have been trying their best by providing buses or coaches that meet up to global standards while also adding mouthwatering services to call the attention of customers.

Climax Coaches is one of the leading transport companies in Kenya and this is why you should try this transport company out, it is certain you will continue using Climax Coaches after your first try. Before diving deep into Climax Coaches online booking or Climax Coaches ticket booking methods, schedules, fares and others we will like to give you a piece of information about Climax Coaches.

About Climax Coaches Transport

Climax Coaches Limited was established in 2008 and it is currently one of the leading transport companies in Kenya, Climax buses are one of the best you will find in the country and the company offers smooth and swift services to commuters all over Kenya.

Climax Coaches Online Booking, Fares, Routes & Contacts

It wasn’t a big company at the start, Climax Coaches started with a humble beginning with just two (2) buses and over the years and for over 2 decades now there has been rapid growth as the company now has fleets of Scania buses and Climax Coaches is now considered one of the most successful transport companies in Kenya. The effort of Climax Coaches owners needs to be well appreciated in Kenya as the establishment of this company has given way for healthy competition in the transportation industry.

The company majorly transports its passengers from the Western and the Northern parts of Kenya through the top cities of the country. As far as Climax Coaches is concerned the safety of the passengers and the company is a reliable transport company.

To further improve on the services rendered to their customers’ Climax Coaches started their logistics services (cargo and freight services) of which they take delivery of parcels, luggage, documents e.t.c. and deliver it in good shape.

Over the years this transport company has shown that it is capable of moving people from one place to the other with safety in mind, while also delivering their services the customers’ comfort is being properly handled. Check out the list of the richest men in Kenya.

Routes/Destinations Plied

Below are some of the routes plied by Climax Coaches, although aren’t limited to this alone:

  • Nairobi to Kitale
  • Nairobi to Siaya
  • Nairobi to Busia
  • Nairobi to Mbale
  • Nairobi to Kisumu
  • Nairobi to Butere

Also, Climax Coaches destinations include; Nairobi, Nakuru, Siaya, Kericho, Majengo, Kisumu, Mbale, Chavakali, Kapsabet, Shamakhokho, Webuye, Kakamega, Eldoret, Matunda, Kitale, Mois Bridge, Busia, Bungoma, Mumias, e.t.c.

Why Use Climax Coaches?

A lot of benefits are in stock for those who travel with Climax Coaches, here are some:

  • Luxurious reclining seats
  • Charging to charge your gadgets
  • Onboard Entertainment via TV screens & sound systems
  • A set speed limit for all drivers to abide
  • Air-conditioned buses
  • Educated staff and drivers
  • Neat and well-maintained buses
  • Affordable transport fares

Climax Coaches Online Booking (Ticket Booking)

Does Climax Bus have online booking? Climax Coaches online booking is currently not possible because the company doesn’t have an official website or portal where you can book a ticket and doesn’t operate a set schedule which is one thing the company is currently working on.

If you need to book a ticket with Climax Coaches then you can easily do so by visiting any of their booking offices or parks, alternatively, you can their phone number and you will be linked with an agent.

Climax Coaches Head Office Details

To contact Climax Coaches for complaints or other reasons we have provided you with Climax Coaches contact details below:

Address: Saboti, Eldoret-Kitale Rd, Saboti, Kenya
Phone No: +254-71714-6600
Email Address: N/A


Climax Coaches is a reliable, safe and comfortable transport company in Kenya, if you give them a try you will also attest to this. Checking through the internet Climax Coaches has gotten numerous positive reviews due to its affordability although some complained about poor customer relations.

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Should in case you are not satisfied with Climax Coaches services Kenya is a country blessed with numerous transport companies so you can as well try out others like Easy Coach, ENA Coach, Mesh Pao, Prestige, Great Rift, North Rift, Mololine and Blueline.

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